@cosme The Best Cosmetics Awards 2018

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2018 is ending in just two days! To sum up the year, I’m sharing The Best Cosmetics Awards 2018 from @cosme, Japan’s biggest beauty review site with over 4 million members. Already in its 17th year, the annual awards are given to beauty products based on genuine reviews from @cosme’s members.

The following report includes products launched from November 1, 2017 to October 31, 2018, except for the “Year-End Best New Buy” category which includes products launched between May 1 and October 31, 2018. Shop quickly before the year ends – products that receive a @cosme award always sell out fast!

Grand Prize

1st: OPERALip Tint

The first award goes to… *drum roll* … OPERA’s Lip Tint! Again! This is the second year in a row that OPERA’s Lip Tint won the Grand Prize, proving just how popular it is. The lip tint is not only loved for its moisturizing power, long-lasting color and comfortable wear, but has kept its high ranking thanks to its continuous releases of limited shades. The lip tint also won 1st place in the “@cosme Store Best Hits” category, which are determined by sales in @cosme’s physical stores.

2nd: EXCELSkinny Rich Shadow

This practical and affordable 4-colored palette is suitable for daily wear, thanks to its versatile beige and brown tones. With a vivid color payoff, just a bit of the refined powder is needed to create a layered and clearly defined eye look. The eyeshadows are infused with squalane that moisturizes lids, plus pearl and gold powders for a sophisticated sheen.

3rd: FanclMild Cleansing Oil

This powerful cleansing oil thoroughly removes makeup without stripping skin of moisture. The oil spreads on skin smoothly and can easily be washed off, which minimizes rubbing on skin. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and large pores.

Hall Of Fame (partial)

Honorable mentions:

MenturmMedical Cream G

This medicated cream instantly nourishes rough, scaly hands. It promotes natural metabolism with dl-camphor and strengthens skin’s natural barrier with dipotassium glycyrrhizate and Vitamins B2, B6 and E, while also maintaining moisture with soy lecithin and glycerin. The cream can also be used on the body, including heels, knees and elbows to soften cracked or hardened skin.

SilcotSponge Touch Moisturizing Cotton (Uruuru Cotton)

Winning a @cosme award the third year in a row, these cosmetic pads give out twice as much soaked content as the normal Silcot cotton pads do thanks to their special uruuru cotton. As a result, only a small amount of product is wasted. The pads feel soft and smooth on the face without getting deformed and can be used for removing makeup, toning or as a mask. Each pad can even be separated into two for more economical use.

CanmakeMarshmallow Finish Powder

Feather-light matte powder conceals pores and evens out the complexion, creating a silky finish that comes off as soft and light as a marshmallow. Its mineral-enriched formula also contains sebum-absorbing powder that helps keep skin fresh and oil-free. The finish powder is also formulated with moisturizing agents that smooth out rough patches while toning the skin, as well as emollient-rich ingredients that improve skin’s health with continued use.

ettusaisLash Version Up

This mascara base offers hair-repairing benefits that instantly lift, curl and thicken lashes, thanks to its sweat and sebum-resistant formula containing hyaluronic and amino acids. Fine black fibers are included in the clear black formula to make lashes look longer and denser. Use the Lash Version Up on its own or before applying mascara for longer-lasting wear.

MTGFacial Fitness Pao

MTG’s Facial Fitness Pao became famous thanks to its advertisement starring Cristiano Ronaldo. This innovative device is a fitness bar for the mouth that trains and strengthens the mouth muscles to prevent the formation of smile lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. Use it 30 seconds each time, twice daily and you can choose your preferred weight (18g/23g/28g) based on the strength of your muscles.


Ultra-slim sanitary pads absorb twice more menstrual flow than regular pads. Laurier’s Slimguard contains high-absorption polymers at the bottom layer to trap fluid, prevent leakage, and keep the surface smooth. The winged design further secures it in position, while the 25mm length is suitable for heavy daytime use.

MinonAmino Moist Moist Charge Milk

The rich and creamy face milk contains 9 amino acids to soothe, hydrate and firm skin. It also strengthens the skin’s natural acid mantle to retain moisture. The hypoallergenic formula is suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

Year-End Best New Buy (partial)

The following only includes products that were launched from May 1 to October 31, 2018:

1st in Makeup: EXCELReal Clothes Shadow

This handy compact houses 4 matching eyeshadow colors, which are blendable and don’t look dull even after layering together. Delicate pearl articles in the eyeshadows create a luminous shine with each application. The formula is also enriched with squalane to prevent dryness. The accompanying sponge tip helps you apply the shadows smoothly and does not tug on skin.

1st in Skin Care: LuLuLunFace Mask Precious Green

The LuLuLun Precious Green Face Mask contains the moisturizing ingredient L22R which restores skin’s oil-water balance to that of a 22-year-old. Containing some of the most expensive oils available alongside polysaccharides, wheat ferment, plankton extract and hydrolyzed collagen, these masks ensure long-lasting moisture to relax stiffness and soothe damaged skin. Each pack contains 32 sheet masks.

@cosme Store Best Hits

These are the bestsellers in @cosme’s physical stores:

1st: OPERALip Tint

See how popular this is! No wonder it won the Grand Prize for two consecutive years.

2nd: AlbionSkin Conditioner Essential

Formulated with Job’s Tears extract from Hokkaido, this toner boosts cell renewal, promoting healthy skin that is less prone to breakouts, irritation and dullness. It refines and brightens skin, leaving it visibly more radiant and translucent.

3rd: EXCELPowder & Pencil Eyebrow EX

This 3-in-1 eyebrow makeup tool works as an eyebrow pencil, powder or brush. The pencil has a soft texture that easily fills in sparse areas and redefines brow shape. The powder has a pearlescent finish to make your brows look more three-dimensional. The soft spiral brush grooms brow hairs so they stay on-fleek.

Check out here for the full list!