How to Rock Pantone Color of the Year 2019

Every year around this time, color trend forecaster Pantone announces the Color of the Year to stimulate discussion and product development across multiple industries including fashion, beauty, interior design and more.

For the Color of The Year 2019, Pantone chose Living Coral – a warm, joyful hue that offers a sense of comfort in the midst of digital overwhelm. Pantone describes it as “a nurturing color that appears in our natural surroundings and at the same time, displays a lively presence within social media.”

Undoubtedly girly, youthful and bubbly, coral has a golden undertone that makes it feel like a hybrid of Millennial Pink and Gen Z Yellow. It goes well with beiges and browns, hence its great potential when it comes to makeup. At the same time, the bright hue contrasts well with jewel tones like army green, pine green, turquoise and ultraviolet.

Below are some color combinations suggested by Pantone. The color bars demonstrate the proportions of the constituent colors to create harmony:

Main Image: Pantone

Focal Point

This cool, upscale and understated palette uses vivid coral as the focal point, complemented with the calmer shades of olive, lime, gray, mauve and pine green. I feel like this can be a palette for winter, the season when you intend to look more sophisticated and intellectual. The bright coral color adds optimism to any bleak outfit. But if you find it too bright for your liking, try the more mellow dusty rose and use tactile textures like corduroy and velvet to up its luxe appeal.

Shimmering Sunset

Evocative of the colors splashed across the sky as the sun rises and sets, this bold and brilliant palette makes us feel warm and hopeful. I also like to think of it as a fruit platter comprised of juicy strawberries, grapes and citrus fruits. The harmonious pink, orange, yellow and mauve hues are great for spring and summer. Flaunt this cocktail of adjacent warm hues with anything from sweet cardis and skater dresses to eye-catching swimwear and even hair color.


This palette pays homage to different skin tones and shades we use to enhance our complexion. The easiest way to use this palette is (Of course!) with rosy makeup. Korean brand VDL, which has been collaborating with Pantone to launch Color of the Year products since 2016, posted its Living Coral collection on IG the same day Pantone announced the Color of the Year. The collection comprises of a primer, a cushion foundation, an eyeshadow palette, two liquid blushes and a lipstick. The brand also launched a few coral products in its previous collection starring Greenery, the Color of the Year 2017, which happens to match well with Living Coral.


Pure and unadulterated, this palette of hallucinogenic shades exudes a joyful live-for-today attitude. The contrasting coral, lime, turquoise and burgundy colors form a jewel-tone portfolio that’s ideal for party wear. Dazzle in the effervescent mood by adding coral accents to equally dynamic cool tones for solid color-blocking.

Under the Sea

A tribute to the naturally vivid and chromatic ecosystem, this palette reminds us how coral reefs provide shelter for a diverse kaleidoscope of colorful sea life. Here, the warm, nourishing coral color is placed side by side with aquatic colors like aqua, yellow and midnight blue for a lively and balanced composition. Bask in the glory of Mother Nature with sportswear like tracksuits and sneakers.

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