Getting Ready for New Year’s Eve Based on Your Zodiac Element

Signs & Attires

Fire Signs: “Wellness before business

Aries , Leo , Sagittarius


Fire signs are the avid party-animals in any group, and they’ll be spending the last day of the year with a bit of wild, reckless fun as usual! Throughout the year, Aries made some impactful steps, Leo embarked on a journey of self-improvement and Sagittarius realized that freedom comes in various forms. These fiery natives thrived to adapt in a year packed with changes and accomplishments, and they’re on a roll for more adventures ahead! Grasping not to burn out their cinders in one go, they’ll opt for calmer activities on New Year’s Eve before going all-out.

Begin NYE day with a relaxing regimen of stretching and meditating or a quick jog around the block –letting out toxins through sweating is a natural way of prepping the skin! Follow with a 3-step skin care session including a cleanser, mask and cream before slabbing on makeup.

After some quality alone time, assemble an intimate group of friends for a spiritual yet ruminative get-together, accompanied by refreshments served with spherical ice cubes infused with fruits and other goodness! Have a humidifier running in the background as the gang relaxes, meditates and gets ready for the evening. Let’s not forget a well-lit dressing area to ensure an on-fleek look for the long night ahead!


Earth Signs: “NYE getaway”

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn


Staying in one place is not going to cut it for earth signs this year – they’re itching to spend New Year’s a little differently! 2018 has been a challenging year for the earth signs – Taurus picked up on the motto of “small changes are better than no change at all,” Virgo fulfilled some personal targets and Capricorn initiated some major changes in their lifestyles. Earth signs are usually low-key in their approach to celebrations, but the feelings of restlessness and excitement aren’t absent this year – which is why getting away from their usual habitat for a few days is more suited during this period. Whether it’s finding joy in a modest meal at an exotic escape, or making new friends at a local band night in the neighboring town, earth signs will find that stepping out of their comfort zones is the best way to celebrate NYE.

Setting a limit is a good way to prevent packing unnecessary things; it’s recommended to fit only absolute necessities in a functional duffel bag. Keep loose items such as contact lens cases in separate small pouches for better organization and security!

Don’t skip regular self-care and grooming, opt for travel-sized skin care and beauty essentials as opposed to full-sized products. For fervent readers and diary-writers, bring along a portable light to ensure there’s sufficient light wherever you go!


Air Signs: “Strictly VIPs”

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius


Air signs have better things to do indoors this New Year’s Eve rather than pushing through crowds to see the fireworks. Likely bound by an extended group of friends and/or families, these socialites will be hosting their own parties whether it’s at their own homes, their friends’, or at a pre-booked private venue.

Gather your gals and pals to decorate the place with party curtains, let Libra set the tables with festivity, and light up the space with a fruity fragrance! Gemini will be in charge of entertainment and topping up everyone’s iridescent glasses.

Being the humanitarians of the zodiac, Aquarius will add a good cause into the fun and games – like a game of Spin the Bottle with a fairy-lit wine bottle. Whenever the appointed person chooses “dare,” they’d be required to do kind favors for others.


Water Signs: “Do not disturb”

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces


Having had a year filled with tests of judgement, water signs have reached their limit and will most likely spend NYE as peacefully as possible. Cancer will not be hosting mandatory house parties, Scorpio won’t be leading bashful party-hops, and Pisces will recall what happened on NYE this time last year. Where else, other than at home, will they be going? Water signs are putting the “do not disturb” mode on until the year passes!

Kick off the day with a fresh festive duvet set, because who wouldn’t want to greet the New Year intertwined in comfy new bed sheets as the morning rays gently wake them up? This is the time when even the most mundane activities become an unlikely form of pampering, such as spending a few therapeutic hours on a coloring set.

When the countdown begins, celebrate in tranquility with your favorite brew in a tasteful glass cup as you indulge in soft, soothing music in the background. Slowly unwind for bedtime with a diffuser night lamp letting out soothing aromas as you welcome the start of the new year with sweet dreams.


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