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Like our previously featured idol, Kang Daniel, Chung Ha rose to stardom through the reality TV show Produce 101. Chung Ha made her debut in the very first season and wowed audiences with her on point freestyle dancing and impeccable vocal range. After winning the 4th spot and promoting with I.O.I., she steadily garnered support and continued on to have a burgeoning solo career.

Image: M&H Entertainment

Chung Ha is building a stronger personal style in both her music and fashion careers, and makes a bold comeback every time. This year, she announced her official fan club name, ByulHarang, with an accompanying logo. The fan club name is a combination of words that ultimately mean that Chung Ha and her fans can shine and fly high together. Chung Ha’s logo and fan club name are chock-full of symbolism and have a very inspiring aesthetic that truly encapsulate her status as a growing artist.


Jacket with Moon & Star Brooches

The crescent moon in her fan club logo represents Chung Ha, and therefore I dressed her in a silver patent jacket. I chose an oversized silhouette because she loves wearing loose-fitted denim jackets. To represent the outer space element, I swapped the denim with a shiny patent material much like the John Glenn’s Project Mercury pressure suit when he orbited the earth. The stars represent the fans and so I, of course, appropriately embellished the jacket with moon and star brooches.

Turtleneck, Cami & Shorts

Heavily inspired by the gradation of the ByulHarang logo, I layered her base outfit with purple and blue hues. The pastel purple turtleneck is layered with a ribbed blue camisole tucked into Chung Ha’s staple denim shorts.

Chung Ha is a casual gal and these pieces ooze a casual vibe. Layering and adding the V-neck cami accentuates her V-shaped jawline while also accentuating her enviable body shape.

Socks & Sneakers

The other half of the gradated logo is a pastel green and I incorporated that color through equally gradated socks! Chung Ha can bust moves wearing anything and is as at ease in heels as she is in sneakers. However, crisp white sneakers are the dance machine’s go-to shoes and would be more comfortable to wear when she wows the crowd with her sick freestyle moves.

Star Choker & Layered Necklace

Chung Ha’s glitter eye makeup went viral especially during her Roller Coaster promotions and to compensate for the lack of it in her casual outfits, I chose to accessorize her with lots of bling.

Wearing layered necklaces is incredibly on trend but it can be difficult to pull off during the winter with bulky clothing. However, turtlenecks are perfect for this trend and they also decrease the chance of necklaces getting tangled. I chose to pair two accessories that are both layered necklaces; the minimal wirework necklace sits just above the V-neck of the camisole and perfectly complements the star choker.

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