Faith in Face Hydrogel Face Masks Review

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Sheet masks have become an imperative for me since my university years —pulling all-nighters regularly takes a toll on your skin. As a reaction to the changing weather this time of the year, my skin becomes drier and annoyingly sensitive, which is why I sought quick and effective sheet masks, and have resolved to abide religiously to a weekly sheet mask session. Eventually I decided to try the Faith in Face Hydrogel Masks  in “After Shower Look”, “Let It Glow” and “Light Effect”.  .

Let’s start with the question: “What is a hydrogel mask?” Hydrogel masks are made of a macromolecular gel polymer that promotes self-healing. This particular type of gel polymer is widely used in the medical industry due to its effective and speedy healing process. It works by forming a hydrating barrier that minimizes bacteria buildup, while soothing and cooling the affected areas. Skin care hydrogel masks help to boost cellular growth and regeneration. If imbued with moisturizing agents and essences, the masks also help skin regain elasticity more effectively than cellulose sheet masks.

The Test

Peeling open the glossy packaging decorated with retro-glam artwork and comic book-like graphics reveals a hydrogel mask that’s separated into two parts. The upper part fits the forehead, nose and cheeks, while the lower part fits the jawline, chin and mouth areas. Each part features three layers: a shiny plastic film, the hydrogel mask sheet itself and a papery thin backing to prevent the mask from fusing together.

The mask has a net-like texture that’s slippery and jelly-like, and (despite my clumsy attempts) provides better grip than the usual masks that I accidentally rip. The side that faces the skin feels smooth yet rubbery, and clings in a manageable way. Similar to regular sheet masks, the hydrogel fits around the face and completely adheres, but it doesn’t crease or fold like its cellulose counterpart.

In my initial attempt, I put on the upper half of the mask first as it’s the trickier part to wear. The logical side of my brain convinced me that as long as the upper half of the mask was put on properly, I wouldn’t have troubles putting on the bottom half. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Despite the mask’s net-like texture, it was still super slippery, and even after applying the lower part, it kept slipping off whether I was sitting or standing up.

*Fixing the lower half of the mask first is the correct method. *

That’s when I discovered that Faith in Face’s recommended method (which I neglected to read in the instructions) of putting the masks on is to start with the bottom half. This was why the mask wouldn’t stop sliding off my face! I corrected the application order when I tried on the second mask, and then it stayed put with no issues.

After 15 minutes, I peeled the hydrogel mask off my face. To my surprise, the mask itself felt much thinner and drier than before. It left my skin feeling refreshed and moisturized, so it seemed like my face soaked up all the goodness from the mask. The remaining essence does feel a little sticky even after drying – this is common for face masks due to the combination of nourishing ingredients in the formula.

*Putting on the upper half of the mask last is recommended.*

What I also noticed, aside from the obvious dewiness, was that my complexion appeared brighter and that my skin had this lingering firming sensation. Normally, this sensation dissipates completely in less than 3 hours after using a sheet mask, but with the hydrogel mask, the effect lasted much longer.

While all the Hydrogel masks boast slightly different effects, their ultimate purpose is to replenish moisture with a cool touch. As the name suggests, After Shower Look really does give you a post-shower dewy glow, as its main ingredient sodium hyaluronate offers deep hydration and nourishment. Let It Glow targets dry and rough skin by increasing luminosity with essence formulated with AMF. Light Effect revives tired and dull skin with niacinamide, which brightens and evens out skin tone to reveal a healthy radiance.

The Verdict

In general, there were some mild and almost unnoticeable differences between the three types of masks that I tried. Light Effect’s essence was a little stickier in comparison, After Shower Look’s remaining essence took the longest to dry, and Let it Glow seemed to have the most brightening effect after immediate use.

To be honest, I was slightly worried before testing the face masks since the last time I used a hydrogel product on my face, it triggered an allergic reaction. I had itchy, swollen red rashes for about 3 hours after only 15 minutes of use and so I stuck to cellulose fiber sheet masks ever since. But I’m happy to say that the Faith in Face hydrogel masks didn’t cause any problems for my skin, and I really do like the rubbery texture – it feels nice and cool on my skin! I’d recommend this to those who suffer from dry and sensitive skin and are looking for a quick solution to help their skin lock in moisture. Also, what’s not to like about the skin-repairing benefits? They’re great for smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, too!

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