A KRistmas Fairytale: Day 18

Put on the fluffy headband from day 2 to keep your tresses in place because it’s time for skin care!

Today’s gift is brought to you by SKIN&LAB, a skincare brand with a bounty of cruelty-free and dermatologist-approved hypoallergenic products formulated with the best natural ingredients. As its name suggests, the Red Serum is infused with red ingredients that are packed with antioxidants including pomegranate, raspberry, cloudberry, blueberry and acai berry, all of which help fight signs of aging and keep skin looking young and fresh! This serum’s highly concentrated formula is fast acting, leaving skin soothed, brighter and firmer with balanced oil production – and all by Christmas!

A little goes a long way with serums; squeeze a few drops on your face then gently massage in to encourage better absorption. You can use the gift from day 11, COSRX’s Centella Blemish Cream, as the next step of your skin care regimen!

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