Cosmoprof Trends: The Hottest Beauty Trends from Cosmoprof Asia 2018

The YesStyle Beauty Lab

We’re nearing the end of 2018, and I can’t wait to see what the next big beauty trend will be! I previously wrote about 12 macro beauty trends predicted by Beautystreams, a Paris-based beauty trend forecasting company. This time, I’m revealing 7 upcoming beauty trends that the company shared at Cosmoprof Asia 2018. Are you ready for them?

1. Australasia

Australasian beauty will emerge after K-Beauty and J-Beauty. Gifted with its plentiful flora and fauna, Australia and New Zealand will naturally take the lead in clean and sustainable beauty products. Ingredients like pure organic oils, lanolin, goat milk, seaweed and manuka honey are among some of the popular natural skin care remedies from the regions.

2. Stem Cell Renewal

With a rising concern over premature aging, beauty-goers are looking for ways to prevent and reduce wrinkles. Plant-derived stem cells work like powerful antioxidants and are also used to facilitate the skin’s healing process, making it look firmer and younger.

3. Skin Hero: Stable Vitamin C

The multi-tasking Vitamin C offers antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, firming, brightening, moisturizing and mild sun protection benefits. Vitamin C tends to break down in sunlight, but new stabilized forms are now available to maintain its potency.

4. The Overachievers

Multitasking products save money, time and effort. However, these products will no longer be one-size-fits-all. Just like our advancing personalized technology, these overachieving products will provide more specific functions and be more efficient and effective. Newer products will align with the growing trend towards nomadic lifestyles, and be lighter, more versatile, and easier to bring wherever you’re headed.

5. Sensory Enchantment

We spend so much time behind the screen that we’ve become increasingly disconnected from physical interactions and tangible experiences. Multi-sensorial products that deliver beyond function make us feel good in mind, body and soul. These products will involve richer formulas and unexpected textures such as custards, effervescent mousse and magnetic mud. As a counter-reaction to our fast-paced lives, some of these products will also encourage multi-step rituals to confer a sense of well-being.

6. Tech-Enhanced Absorption

Cutting-edge technologies including nanotechnology, micro needling and infrared improve skin’s permeability and deliver active ingredients deeper into skin. Expect masks to come in new formats, and for new skin care products to arrive in powder form.

7. Preserving Potency

Cold-pressing, carbon dioxide extraction and natural steam evaporation help preserve the integrity of ingredients. We tend to look for keywords like “100% pure” in our search for clean and safe products. Ingredients will be kept to a minimum or even go solo in coming beauty products.

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