A KRistmas Fairytale: Day 12

Lip makeup is the easiest way to look put together, which is why we offer so many lip products in our Advent Calendar. Today’s 3 CONCEPT EYES Mood Recipe 2 Matte Lip Color sits between Day 4’s LANEIGE Tomato Sherbet Two Tone Tint Lip Bar and Day 8’s peripera Dollish Beige Rose Ink the Velvet Lip Tint in terms of color and texture. The #221 Mellow Flower color is inspired by blazing red rose petals dried in the autumn sun. The milky rose-red hue effortlessly creates a “my lips but better” effect. Thanks to its waxed-based formula, the lipstick feels creamy on the lips, while offering a matte finish for subdued autumnal flair. It’s also infused with luxurious ingredients like diamond, amethyst and pearl powders to boost lip radiance. Don’t apply too much though – thanks to its rich pigment, you’ll only need a few swipes to achieve a vibrant and sensual look. The cuboid case is in the exact same color as the lipstick, which oozes contemporary chic.

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