EGLIPS Lively Liquid Glitter Shadow Review

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Like anyone who has oily skin, I try to avoid using products with glitter and sparkle as I fear looking like a walking disco ball. But with the holidays rolling in, I now bathe myself in sparkly stuff in a manner not dissimilar to how I treated my 3rd grade art projects.

For my holiday eye makeup, I’m trying out EGLIPSLively Liquid Glitter Shadow in the shades 01 Milky Way, 03 Whisky Beam, and 05 Love Twinkle. There are over 8 shades in the collection but I chose these three as they encompass the light to heavier hues.


Although they say to never judge a book by its cover, I must admit that’s how I go about my cosmetics choices. The packaging features lettering on see-through casing, finished off with a luxurious gold-toned cap. I love the overall aesthetic because it sits perfectly with the rest of my cylindrical-shaped cosmetic collection.

As someone who has no hand-eye coordination, I’m usually “trippin’, stumblin’, flippin’, fumblin’” during my makeup routine. Even after dropping it multiple times, I’m glad to report that the plastic casing survived without any damage!


The doe foot applicator is constructed with a flat shape and soft material, and delivers a sufficient amount of the formula. The shadow formula is very smooth, blends easily and also dries quickly. The Milky Way shade has silver and purple shades of glitter, Whisky Beam is incredibly pigmented with golden glitter, and Love Twinkle is a mixture of silver and pink.

01 Milky Way

03 Whisky Beam

05 Love Twinkle

Long-lasting Pigment

These liquid glitter shadows are buildable upon drying; wait for a few seconds to let it dry before applying another layer for a denser finish. As previously mentioned, my oily skin and lids are not exactly glitter-friendly. However, the liquid glitter shadow was long-lasting and did not crease even without an eye primer.

Most people limit their glitter use to only the holidays but these can be used for everyday wear as well. A small dab of this liquid glitter shadow goes a long way. The Milky Way Shade is perfect for adding on top of an eyeshadow due to its lightweight sheen. Whisky Beam and Love Twinkle are highly pigmented and a single swipe easily adds a gold and pink pop to your lids.

How I Wore It

I love going the extra mile for party looks! Glitter is perfect for the party season and with New Year’s right around the corner, I decided to mix all three shades. I used Whisky Beam and Love Twinkle to create a dimensional rose gold shade. For the lower lash line, I dabbed Milky Way and Love Twinkle to lighten up my eyes. I finished off by adding silver star sequins on my lids. I previously mentioned this in my article on how to wear faux beauty marks. Simply use an eyelash glue to stick them on, and tweezers for precise application.

If you opt to use star sequins like I did, be extra careful when removing them. Carefully remove them using tape before washing your lids with a cleanser so as to not aggravate the skin. Glitter is difficult to remove so be sure to thoroughly but gently clean your eyelids with an oil cleanser. Head over to Chapter 7 of the Beauty Book from our Beauty Editor Romy Rose to find out more about oil cleansing!

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