A KRistmas Fairytale: Day 10

Today we’re introducing Peko, the eternally 6-year-old girl mascot of 100-year-old Japanese confectionery company Fujiya. The packaging of this Sweet Peko Limited Edition #01 Strawberry Caramel Eyeshadow Palette from Holika Holika resembles the packaging of the iconic Peko Milky Candy. As a practical makeup product, it offers more than just a sweet look. Inside the mirrored square case are four candy-inspired eyeshadows in complementary colors. Strawberry Butter is a matte pink shade that serves as the base color. Berry Sugar adds subtle shimmer to your eyes with its pearlescent rose gold hue. The matte pink Strawberry Caramel is deeper and more vibrant than Strawberry Butter, making it ideal as point makeup, or even as blush to make you look more genki. The shimmery Berry Cocao brings balance and gracefulness to the whole palette, and can be used at the ends of your eyes to add depth to your look.

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