What’s Inside Every Zodiac Girl’s “Going Out” Bag?

Signs & Attires

Do you ever wonder what your friends are carrying aside from the usual wallet, keys and phone? If you know their zodiac signs, you’re already most of the way to finding out! You never know when you could use a Band-Aid or a mirror, so take a peek into what’s in every zodiac girl’s handbags to see who might have what you need!


Red is often the color associated with Aries, but makeup-wise, the ram much prefers nude and mauve tones to dominate their lipstick collections. It’s bothersome for Aries to top up on lipstick, which is why they’d carry lip tints instead. Expect only necessities in a fuss-free and practical Aries’ bag; hand cream and a pair of foldable flats are about as much as they’re willing to carry.



Careful and organized, those born under the sun of Taurus rarely forget their absolute essentials. A pack of blotting paper is a lifesaver from emitting unpleasant shine, and it fits in even the smallest clutch bags! Taurus loves to smell good – mild but pleasant fragrances are preferred – so they’d likely keep a miniature roll-on perfume in their bag. A hair tie or a few bobby pins reside in Taurus’ bags just in case they need to tuck their hair back.



If anyone is looking for a spare pair of earrings, Geminis will likely have them in their bags. The earrings are probably a backup pair or impulse purchase, and stowed in the Gemini’s bag because they couldn’t decide which ones to wear until about five minutes ago. A Gemini’s bag might also have a cheek highlighter that they applied moments ago – presumably they only just decided that they’d like a bit of glimmer to complete their makeup look.



Often the one keeping an eye out for the group, Cancers have combs and a hairbrush or moisturizing lip balms in their bags because messy hair and dry lips are not a good look for anyone any time of the day. Cancers tend to go with the flow, and seeing as more and more places have stopped providing plastic straws, they’d probably have a metal straw in their bags just to be on the safe side.



Warm-hearted and confident Leos are often the life of the party, and enjoy bathing in the spotlight while relishing the atmosphere. It wouldn’t be surprising to find a well-lit mirror and a compact highlighter in their handbags, which allows these lionesses to draw out their best facial features before hitting the dance floor. Focused on their personal health and wellness, Leos may carry supplements as well. So if you’re in dire need of some vitamins, ask the Leo gal next to you.



Out of the 12 zodiacs, Virgos are prone to worrying and take the most time to let their hair down. Before leaving the house, they’d ensure they have everything from menthol mouth spray and nail clippers to an oil-controlling powder compact in their bags – all the items Virgos need to make sure they stay prime all night.



Don’t be shocked if Libras pop out their planners in the midst of a discussion. Although indecisive and offbeat at times, they never pack unnecessary things in their bags. Their favorite pen always accompanies them wherever they go, especially if they prefer jotting down information on paper instead of entering it into their phone or tablet! Also, if you need hand cream, try asking a Libra because they’d most likely have some in their handbag.



The contents of a Scorpio’s handbag aren’t really as mysterious as rumored. There’s bound to be loose jewelry in there, and it’s not because they might need another pair of earrings, but because they forgot to take them out after a previous event. This may sound random but they’d probably have a spare set of underwear in their bag too – most likely purchased on a whim just before the party. No matter the shade, Scorpios always carry lip gloss. They feel bare without lip makeup so a high-shine gloss is bound to have a reserved spot even in their tiniest clutch bags.



The archers love making memories, as well as reliving them through quality, well-lit visual reminders. Who else but Sagittarius would endlessly take selfies of newfound friends at the bar using an LED-lit, clip-on wide lens strapped to their phones? Great lighting comes with the con of looking flat in photos, which is why they’d keep a foundation cushion and a contouring stick around for instant touch-ups of their makeup look.



Capricorns are blessed with good skin and have no issues partying with a bare face, just as long as their lashes are on fleek. A lash tint that volumizes and adds emphasis to eyelashes is essential for any Capricorn, allowing them to top up whenever they want. Capricorns are always prepared for the worst of every scenario imaginable, so a mini sewing kit for emergency fixes plus a handbag-friendly first-aid kit wouldn’t be absent, either.



Fun and quirky Aquarius tend to carry a mini makeup pouch around, just in case they want to change their look before hopping to the next party. Remember those handy stackable coloring pencils from when you were a kid? Aquarius would have one in their handbag except in lipstick form so they could change their lip makeup as often as possible. Aquarius also love novelty with added functionality, so a rechargeable compact mirror with built-in lights, which also doubles as a power bank, is likely to be found inside their handbag.



Escapist Pisces generally rocks glossy and dewy makeup, which requires regular touch-ups in order to last. Instead of carrying their whole makeup bag, Pisces prefer to pack light with only a glossy eyeshadow plus a lip and cheek compact in their bags. They also don’t cope too well with cold weather and are likely to be equipped with hand warmers in the event of sudden temperature drops.

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