A KRistmas Fairytale: Day 3

Have you heard the saying “Wear your heart on your sleeve? Well, this product tells you to “Wear your heart on your cheek! Unbox day 3 to get A’PIEU’s Heart On The Cheek, a heart-shaped blush stick that gives you naturally flushed cheeks. If you’re new to blush sticks, don’t worry about application as this creamy formulation is easily blendable so you can build coverage effortlessly. Simply apply it directly on your cheeks and blend with your preferred method, either using your fingers, a makeup sponge or a brush. To make the color last longer, apply it after liquid foundation or BB/CC cream and before finishing powder. Its velvety soft formula gives you a powdery, semi-matte finish – a perfect on-the-go blush to add to your makeup routine! There are also makeup lovers who, instead of blending it out, keep the heart shape intact for a fun and cute look.