Peripera’s Blooming Eye Makeup

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Eighties and nineties aesthetics dominated the catwalks this year, which means bold eye makeup looks are back! Earlier this year, Jason Lee, Amorepacific’s chief makeup artist, forecasted the rise of “blooming” makeup – partially inspired by the igari (drunken blush) look that’s been popular in Japan. Taking inspiration from nature, the blooming eye makeup look emulates the colors of blooming flowers.

To create this look, I mainly used Peripera’s signature INK range and also a liquid shadow from their Sugar Twinkle line. Since Peripera is known for its youthful and adorably fun packaging and colorful shades, this brand seems like a good choice for interpreting this bold look.

In terms of base makeup,   I wore the Dal Dal Factory edition of Airy Ink Cushion in #1 Ivory and used the Ink Blurring Skin Tint (#5 Mint Tone Up) as primer. The cushion is an instant complexion brightener with impressive coverage on blemishes and dullness, which helps set a clean canvas. It doesn’t oxidize either, so my face remained hydrated and semi-dewy even at the end of the night.

Left : Ink Blurring Skin Tint (#5 Mint Tone Up) plus Airy Ink Cushion in #1 Ivory. Right: no make up.

For the eye shadow, start with a base shadow that is light, subtle and buildable. I went with Peripera’s Ink Fitting Shadow in Cotton Candy, which is a shimmery eye shadow with pearly shine. To apply, I used an eye shadow stamp brush that is less absorbent, so most of the glitter was transferred and evenly spread around my eyelids.

Left to right: Sugar Twinkle Liquid Shadow #1 Pink Melody; Ink Fitting Shadow in #26 Walking On A Path, #24 Butter Bear and #13 Cotton Candy.

Using a contoured blending brush from this Beautrend set, I swiped two layers of Butter Bear as the main color for my eye shadow. This is a matte shade that adheres closely to skin with a high color payoff. As I applied a shimmery base beforehand, the two shades blended instantly with a less painted effect.

1. Base layer //2. Main color //3. Highlights //4. Lash line and corners

I followed by applying the Sugar Twinkle Liquid Shadow in Pink Melody all over my eyelids, stopping just below the brow area. I then realized how much the Butter Bear got diluted when blended out with my finger so I brushed on another layer of the eye shadow, covering up to about 2mm above the crease line.

Creating a gradient effect around the inner and outer corners with my final shade, Walking On A Path, was surprisingly simple. To utilize this shade on my lash lines, I picked a winged eyeliner brush from this unicorn-inspired set  with a firm and angled tip that is perfect for precision application. Before progressing to the next stage, I blended another layer of Butter Bear at the center of my eyelids as well as my lower lash line for a fuller look.

Left to right: Ink Color Cara in #5 Black Maple Rose; Ink The Airy Velvet in #6 It Brown Orange.

Moving onto the eyelash department, I chose Black Maple Rose to match the colors of the eye shadows. Despite its bold pigment, if you have dark eyelashes like me, you’ll need to apply at least 2-3 coats of the Ink Color Cara to cover your lashes completely. It’s more effective if you start from the roots, but this mascara dries really quickly so I advise to do it in sections to prevent clumping.

P.S: I cheated on the eyeliner and eyebrows by using an Etude House grey brown brow pencil and BCL’s Browlash slim brown liner.

The look is completed with Peripera’s Airy Velvet lip tint in It Brown Orange, which has a lightweight formula that makes my lips soft and moisturized. This lip tint contains mango seed oil in its formulation, which emits a lingering, addictively fruity scent. Having previously reviewed the 3CE Velvet Lip Tint which has a more sophisticated color range, I would recommend Peripera’s lip tints if you’re into girly colors that pop.

The Verdict

Overall, I think the look turned out well, although a lot of people asked me if it was for Halloween. Before attempting this look, I envisioned the Butter Bear shade to be more of a sun-kissed brown. Instead, the orange tint was more amplified as opposed to the brown tint you see on the packaging.
In spite of using 4 products on my eyelids, I feel the colors and gradient appeared a bit flat and plain; perhaps an additional mid-tone is needed to create a richer gradient effect. I also used a cushion foundation that was fairer than my own skin tone, and since it has a slight brightening effect, the makeup looked more red than orange under bright light. My natural skin tone is more of a warm, beige tone which usually complements orange-brown hues.

My advice to those who want to try blooming eye makeup is to choose a color theme that suits your natural skin tone. Choose a bold color that both highlights your features and harmonizes with your natural radiance, and walk out with confidence, knowing that you slayed the look! 🙂

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