Gift ideas for your Zodiac BFFs

Signs & Attires

You know your besties well, but somehow you always miss the point when it comes to gifting. This year, to avoid being a “bad gifter” or “the friend who gives everyone gift cards”, look deeper into their signs. It’s even better if you already know their moon sign, as that indicates their inner nature, so nailing that will score you extra points. But fret not if you only know their sun sign, since the sun represents their general interests. Read on!

Aries: Freshness on-the-go!

Meeting up with your buddy Aries can be difficult unless you’re making a trip to their home or workplace. Since they’re always out and about, a rechargeable and portable juicer is good to keep them energized on-the-go. Those energetic and hot-headed rams get bored and aggravated rather easily too, so a mini game in-between tasks works as a quick de-stressing tool.

Aries prefer efficient and effective skin care so a gel-mist is a good choice, which can be used as a gel or a spray-on mist to instantly hydrate skin. They also love freshly washed hair, but not so much the routine itself, so a dry hair-mist that works like dry shampoo without damaging the scalp is sure to win their hearts.


Taurus: Feel-good aromas

Dear Taurus here is a sensualist who enjoys fine aromas, natural materials and a space where they can relax in comfort. A wooden coaster that also doubles up as a cup lid adds a nice touch to their homes, especially when it can be used often and looks sleek on the coffee table.

Your Taurus friend has always been supportive but when it comes to changes, they are slow on the game even if something isn’t working quite right for them. However, skin care products infused with rose oil are likely to ignite their interest – more so when they’re organic and vegan. Alternatively, pamper the ox with a mix of rose and collagen solution to satisfy both their mind and senses. An electric aroma diffuser with a wood-like finish is another good fit for their territories, while also boasting beauty and wellness benefits!


Gemini: Talk to me

The sociable Gemini never lacks topics, but when placed in a new environment, even these chatterboxes require assistance to start off. A bold accessory that sparks conversation is definitely up their alley; try a phone case with humorous prints, wild colors or unusual textures.

If it’s not accessories, your Gemini friend’s trendy and immaculate manicure is also a potential icebreaker at parties, so look out for luscious nail polish. The outgoing twins are suckers for color, even more when showcasing their best features – think compact and easy-to-use eyeshadow palettes. Throw in a high-performance eye cream to ensure their eye areas stay radiant after all the long nights of partying.


Cancer: Finishing touches

Your Cancer friend is usually the one who’s hosting, but this year maybe refrain from the seasonal cookbooks and the dozen champagne glasses. It’s nice to give them a chance to sit back and spend some quality me time.

A cozy and festive blanket is a nice touch to lighten up their magnolia-white sofas, accompanied by a cute night lamp on the side to create a warm and cozy atmosphere that’s perfect for quiet evenings. Show them your appreciation with a scented eye mask set that prompts them to take a well-deserved break. Cancer girls tend to be huge mascara users so if they’re normally victims of post-party panda eyes, fill their stockings with impactful but waterproof mascara!


Leo: Glowing and radiant

Tis the season to be shining – a perfect time for Leos to take the stage! Let theses lionesses glow from within, starting with a complexion brightening cream to prevent dullness. Flamboyant Leos also like to shine, so a shimmer base to go with their makeup is a perfect gift.

Ensure they stay flawless and fierce with a handy compact mirror – even better if it’s a phone case with a high-definition mirrored back. If you know your Leo BFF well enough, handpicking a jewelry piece that fits perfectly with their seasonal wardrobes won’t be difficult.


Virgo: Minimal but orderly

Your Virgo friend may look uncluttered and neat, but you know them well enough to see their lazy side too. It’s bothering and even bemusing to see these nitpickers go to bed without giving themselves a good clean, and there’s definitely space for an all-natural oil cleanser in every Virgo’s bathroom. Prompt them into following a strict skin care routine with a vitamin-rich exfoliating scrub.

Virgos are always looking out for efficient yet stylish ways to organize things, so a set of sturdy zipper pouches is sure to satisfy their neatness fixation. In winter, bobbles on their knits/coats irritate them, which calls for a mini non-adhesive lint-roller!


Libra: Luxury meets sensibility

At times, your Libra friend can come off as a little indecisive. Encourage them for a style upgrade – they probably spend months contemplating whether to replace their plain coffee cups with more artistic-looking ones anyway.

Libras are easily captivated by pretty visuals and romantic scents, and a luxurious herbal soap or prickly pear-enriched hand cream have probably been on their to-try list for a while too, so be sure to wrap them nicely! Libras are sentimental, so a festive card with a handwritten message from you is sure to bring a smile to their faces!


Scorpio: Home spa day

Scorpios may seem secretive, but being a water sign, they favor moments unwinding in a hot bubble bath surrounded by candles. Coffee bean-infused candles emanate with the smell of fresh coffee, filling the space with a rich and intense but therapeutic aroma – the perfect mood to dry their freshly washed hair in a new towel embroidered with the Scorpio symbol.

No matter the gender, Scorpios tend to gravitate toward masculine scents, meaning a musky perfume with wood notes, complete with a home mani-pedi in a mystical palette is sure to make them swoon.


Sagittarius: Jet-Set-Go!

Your Sagittarius buddy is always on-the-go. Even if there’s nowhere to go, they find adventures within the mundane day-to-day. They never seem to understand the concept of packing light. It’s a rare sight for any Sagittarius to be carrying a tiny clutch; they’re more likely to turn up to brunch dates with an unnecessary amount of personal belongings.

For these free-spirited archers, a lightweight and chic but roomy bag capable of holding all their “essentials” is a good call, just in case they suddenly take off for yet another impromptu weekend getaway. Sagittarius enjoy moments with friends, families and even strangers, so a travel-size mini game is perfect to keep them entertained. With a full itinerary, they tend to forget their usual skin care routine, so throw in an all-in-one facial mist as well as a 2-in-1 toner face wash just in case!


Capricorn: The key is stress-free

These hardworking souls always end up working to their limits. A stress toy on their desks may seem like a strange sight, but really a little de-stress is needed to keep them going. Help them sort a more organized life with a handy planner in case they half-mindedly double book your monthly girls’ night out after a tinder date again.

Capricorns’ have overwork tendencies and sparing 15 mins to relax is a luxury; add an aroma diffuser to their room to ease some of the tension. Your friend never gets enough sleep, but looking afresh the next day is important for career-driven Capricorns, so tell them to spare a minute for a quick boost with a refreshing toner.


Aquarius: The quirkier the better

Getting a gift for your Aquarius friend is a lot easier than you think. Being the humanitarian of the zodiacs, planning a party with the whole gang is at the top of their priorities. What you love about your Aquarius BFF is their kindness and wacky sense of humor, so a hand cream that looks like choco pie (it smells like one too!) will delight your eccentric friend.

Aquarius loves to share, meaning a snack bowl or saucer in kooky animal silhouettes is right on the gifting track. These creative minds are always brooding in search of innovative ideas; throw in a calming morning mask so they start their days fresh and bright. Oh, and how about a set of Lego highlighters to spice up their pencil cases?


Pisces: Homebound essentials

Don’t let your Pisces friend’s overflowing social competence fool you – they’re actually introverts at heart. Especially during the festive season, when they’re bombarded with gatherings and meetups, a homebound break in-between is much needed.

Give them an excuse to lounge at home with a lavender scented bath! Follow with a cleanse or massage using a moisturizing soap infused with lush ingredients like Manuka honey and chocolate. After a good soak in the bath, remind them to stay hydrated with a simple but coordinated set of a glass pitcher, cup and tray. Give a Pisces home a contemporary glass vase, and your Pisces friend will happily tend to its botanical arrangements.


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