Red Velvet Seulgi’s Color-Coordinated Closet

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Kang Seul-gi, better known as just Seulgi, is the talented lead vocal, main dancer and sub rapper of Red Velvet. The girl group is known to show ReVeluvs’ (their official fan club name) different facets for every comeback. “Red” stands for their fierce girl crush concepts while “Velvet” showcases their sweet and feminine side. Seulgi adapts to both vibes easily.

Previously on Style Files, I styled Sunmi, Seulgi’s unnie on the reality TV show Secret Sister. The two have similar styles but they express it uniquely! This time, I’m featuring the dongsaeng in another layered fall and winter look but with Seulgi’s signature minimal streetwear chic.

YesStylist readers have been asking for a Seulgi feature on Style Files because in the past, Red Velvet members have revealed that she is the shopaholic in the group! Seulgi loves to color-coordinate her outfits and this look is organized with primary colors as its base.

Loafers & Striped Top

The K-pop star has amassed many chic looks over multiple comebacks but her short fringe in Peek-A-Boo and Bad Boy legitimately made me want to have the same haircut! To complement Seulgi’s choppy jet-black tresses, I styled her with fringed classic black patent loafers and a black-and-white striped top that adds some pattern to the clean ensemble.

Coat & Jeans

Sunmi’s look was long and lean, especially with the knit cardigan. To match her unnie, Seulgi is styled in a knee-length coat and a pair of ankle-length jeans with frayed hems. She’s really cute and cuddly and the coat’s oversized and drop-shoulder silhouette is large and cozy – perfect for the huggable gal. It’s easy to see why labelmate and f(x) member Amber’s nickname for her is Bear!

I color-coordinated the dark blue coat with wide-legged denim pants. The coat and jeans might create a minimal, matching monochrome feel, but they also have contrasting factors. The denim gives off casual vibes while the coat’s clean cut exudes preppy chic.

Hooded Jacket & Artsy Socks

In 2014, Red Velvet debuted with Happiness with each member sporting a vibrant color-coordinated look. Seulgi’s designated color was yellow, which I believe is the perfect representation of her fun-loving personality.

She loves to doodle during her downtime as a way to unwind and, according to her close friends, she’s talented at it. Can’t go wrong with adding vibrant artsy socks to her outfit! To further highlight the small hints of yellow, I layered a knit hoody underneath the coat, bringing a touch of coziness that’s perfect for winter.

Belt & Bag

For the final touches to her outfit, I added accessories with dashes of “red flavor.” Seulgi has been wearing more streetwear accessories lately and this red D-ring belt, printed with the word “gentlewoman,” is perfect for her as many ReVeluvs often gush about her sweet and kind behavior. The sleek red crossbody with minimal gold detailing is a common accessory for the singer and pairs well with the long belt.

Are you excited for Red Velvet’s comeback next week with Really Bad Boy?


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