Chit Chat with Laura R

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We’re back with another edition of Chit Chat, our YesStylist feature where we meet content creators who are making noise in the beauty-sphere. Our first Chit Chat was with a Toronto-based influencer, and this time we’re excited to learn more about France-based influencer Laura R.  

Laura R started her YouTube channel in 2013. She’s strongly passionate about beauty, fashion and lifestyle and turns this passion into creative content for her 280,000+ YouTube subscribers and 69,000+ Instagram followers. Laura is very down-to-earth and honest with her followers, and she enjoys interacting with them. When brainstorming for fresh content, she listens to her fans’ suggestions and opinions to find out what they want to see.

Read on and get to know Laura!

What motivated you to start your own channel 5 years ago?

I have always loved beauty and video editing. When I saw that I could do both on YouTube and share my tips, I wanted to create my channel. In the very beginning, I only talked about makeup because I wanted to start with something simple by sharing tips and creating tutorials. Then little by little, when I saw haul videos spreading on YouTube, I started to add fashion videos as well because I loved the idea of it! I started with creating one video per week, then two, and I have kept this rhythm ever since. I’m so happy to have come this far and I really wasn’t expecting that it would become a part of my job now!

Do you find it challenging to come up with unique content to create for your audience?

It’s sometimes hard to find ideas and videos that are not already made because there are a lot of people on YouTube. But it doesn’t matter, I usually find my content ideas from doing what I want, or asking my followers’ opinions and suggestions to know what they would like me to talk about on my channel. I also get inspiration from the latest trends that we see through social media or products that brands send me. I like to do crash test videos which are testing new products for the audience who want to have a better idea of the products before buying them. Holiday seasons like Christmas, Halloween, etc., are a great time to create fun content as well.

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We love your bold makeup looks. How did you learn to apply makeup?

I didn’t study makeup. I learned everything by myself because I have always liked beauty and makeup. I like reading articles on the internet and from books and watching videos. I just trained myself to do makeup until it looks nice! For example, I learnt to make special effects makeup (you can see some Halloween make up videos on my channel). I learnt it by watching professional tutorial videos that show how to work with certain materials and products as they are completely different from makeup products and tools we use for classic daily makeup. For Halloween makeup, I get my inspiration from horror series and movies. With years of practice, I think I did well! Haha!

Who inspires you?

No one in particular because I’m more inspired by new trends and looks that I see on social networks. I’m inspired by brands, new collections, colors, styles. Most of the time, it’s really just by feeling. As long as something catches my attention and interest, I keep that in mind and will think of how I can personalize it in my own style.

What do you love most about being a KOL/YouTuber?

Being a KOL allows me to do what I love and gives me the liberty to do what I want. There are always new challenges and I love it when all my days are different. As a KOL, I can meet with many different people and I get to know new brands and products as well. I really enjoy interacting with my followers too. I’m trying to align my ideas to what they are expecting and want to see on my channel. If, for example, they want me to try on a new eye shadow palette, I will do so by using it to create a tutorial for the holiday season! As I also make a lot of product crash tests, which is kind of my signature video type as a KOL, my followers always leave comments suggesting or requesting me to try certain brands or products. I would just take notes and try to create content that would match their requests.

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