Street Styles from Seoul + Tokyo Fashion Weeks SS19

“To see and be seen” is the essence of a fashion week. This time each year, fashion show-goers use their expert styling skills to show their sartorial taste and knowledge of the latest trends. If you’re looking for on-trend styles to add to your shopping bag, look no further than these off-catwalk looks from the Seoul and Tokyo Fashion Weeks!

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1. Orange

Orange was the IT shade last winter and continues to be a prominent one this year. The best way to tap into this trend is to dye your hair orange. If that’s too bold for you, wearing a tangerine top or outerwear easily does the trick.

2. Checks

I cannot emphasize enough the power of checks over the fashion realm. The classic pattern has been shining brighter than ever recently. From what I mentioned in a previous article, you can try colorful plaid paneling or a school uniform-style pleated mini skirt. Details like grommets, buckles and nylon straps can also up the grunge appeal of your checked outfit.

3. Puffer Jackets

Talk about utility wear for winter! Instead of the usual hip or knee lengths, I encourage you to try cropped versions to make your look less bulky. You can also go for eclectic colors to amplify the sportswear vibe.

4. Leopard Print

Did this trend ever go away? You might think that leopard print is all about looking sexy, but it’s more than that! Alongside the typical yellow version, many show-goers chose to wear deconstructed renditions of the print, such as pixelated versions or in rich jewel tones.

5. Newsboy Caps

Move over, berets! Newsboy caps are here to stay. Choose one that’s stylized with a buckled hat band for added military flair. In terms of material, sturdy felt and corduroy are failsafe options to start with.

6. Distressed

I bet you already own a pair of ripped jeans, but how about a ripped sweatshirt? Look for ripped cuffs and hems – these are on trend now!

7. Chains

Harnesses and body chains – do you associate them with Fifty Shades of Grey? Despite the sexual connotations, they were a big hit during recent fashion weeks. Show-goers wore them over belts and jeans to create a vintage rock-star look.

8. Crossbody Bags

Supreme-style canvas crossbody bags are trending. These roomy and practical lightweight bags can be paired with sporty and girly outfits alike to add streetstyle cred.

9. Black Biker Jackets

Consider it a synonym for “I’m cool.” The biker jacket is a timeless staple for the fashion conscious. Choose from minimalist designs that focus on tailoring, and lavish on ones accented with silver buckles, studs and zippers.

10. Chunky Boots

Sock boots were so in vogue last year, but tough chunky boots have taken over their place. Get a pair of black patent combat boots for daily wear, and save a colorful pair of velvet boots for parties.

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