3 CONCEPT EYES – Mood Recipe Long Lasting Nail Lacquer Review (#RD07 & #PK23)

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Nails complete your OOTD and that’s why I try to get them looking on-fleek. However, during the first and last months of the year, I usually get really busy so I either go without any polish or suffer through cracked and chipped nails. At these times, nail lacquer is a lifesaver! Lacquer is a bit different from regular polish; its multi-functional formula protects and strengthens the nails due to its thicker consistency.

I chose to try 3 CONCEPT EYES’ Mood Recipe Long Lasting Nail Lacquers because they complement the colors of other products from the Mood Recipe collection, including the Eye Color Palette, Matte Lip Colors and the Face Blush. With these, I can have a complete monochrome autumnal look! For this review I used the shades Calm Yellow Pink (#PK23) and Chic Warm Red (#RD07).


These lacquers come in 3CE’s signature minimal packaging and go with everything from the brand! I personally prefer nail lacquer and polish packaging in geometric shapes because it makes arranging my nail lacquer collection so much easier. Its boxy shape allows for an easier grip, which also makes it easier to open.


Like all lacquers, 3CE’s lacquers are thick so one layer is enough to cover the entire nail. I went for a half & half minimalist look that’s trending in South Korea. I used #PK23 as the base and used #RD07 for the color block. One swipe of the highly pigmented #RD07 is opaque enough and the lighter shade doesn’t show through.


I used a base and a top coat for extra protection and although this generally makes for slower drying, I was pleasantly surprised when it dried quickly. The second layer also dried a lot faster than I anticipated, ending up with a semi-gloss finish. 3CE also carries a matte top coat if you prefer a matte finish.

Half & Half

This minimal half & half look is easy to replicate. Without the help of tape, the edges turned out smooth thanks to its alcohol-based formula. The autumnal colors are interchangeable with the other three colors from the Mood Recipe Long Lasting Nail Lacquers collection. Gold accessories such as these layered rings are perfect for autumn and complement the lacquer’s warm tones well.


As promised, the lacquer is long-lasting and by the end of the second week, only one nail was chipped on the side and one layer ruined. The surface also didn’t crack, which frequently happens with regular nail polish, and was as smooth as its first application.


For someone who loves to constantly change the color of their nails once it cracks, easy removal is a major concern. Long-lasting formulas are typically hard to remove but this was unexpectedly easy and did not stain the nail beds or surrounding skin.

An additional benefit is that the lacquer does strengthen the nails. Since I expose my nails to chemicals so often, they’ve become weak and are prone to cracking but thankfully the lacquer provided them with a protective thick layer.

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