9 Party Makeup Ideas: Perfect for the Festive Season

An air of festive excitement fills the days as we step into November, heightening the mood for upcoming holidays, gifts and plenty of parties. These are times for dressing up – and it wouldn’t be dressing up without party makeup! Aside from fun and festive outfits, party-appropriate makeup is one of the best ways to express your personality and playfulness as well as showcase your artistic flair.

If you stumble into a themed party without a kooky sweater or a sequin dress, your makeup needs to look the part – you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb in a room full of fancy dressers! If you need some inspiration, check out this list of foolproof and trendy makeup ideas that are perfect for the festive season.

1. Mulled Wine Stained Look


If you’re sipping mulled wine all evening, then you can refrain from topping up the lippy. Stain your lips with the Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip tint, or go with wine-inspired eye shadow palette, for a wine-loving look that is simple and on point. Don’t forget to finish the look with flushed cheeks! Use a cream blusher with vibrant pigments, and then blend evenly from cheekbones to the sides of your nose for a drunken blush look.

2. Dramatic Cat Eyes

Meow!  Go bold with the 60s-inspired, somewhat cartoonish, but still sexy and impactful cat eye makeup inspired by Fendi Fall 18 Couture’s catwalk look. The key to achieving those on-point flicks is to use a thick, black eyeliner with an angled tip (make sure it’s sweat and water-proof like Secret Key’s  Skinny Real Quick Eye Liner). Start from the inner corners of your eyes then curve gradually as you reach the outer corners, stopping just a little further than the eyebrow. Leave a small gap in the inner tear line, and finish with a fine white flick at the corners of the eye.  For the rest of the face, keep it flawless but low-key with the COSRX  Blemish Cover Cushion, so those fierce eyes can stand out.

3. More Holiday Sparkle

It’s the best time of the year to showcase your proud collection of glitters. A little touch of glitter to your makeup creates a glam effect – but it’s the holiday season, so the more sparkles, the merrier you’ll look! Mix your selection of glitters with a watery hair gel like Mandom‘s Gatsby Super Hard Styling Gel, then apply with a brush to paint around the sides, cheekbones and even over your hair. If you prefer more subtle sparkles, try a finishing mist like eSpoir ‘s Face Prime Glow Fix Mist shaken with your choice of loose shimmer powder, then spray all over yourself for a full-on glow.

4. Candy Inspired Look

Got a sweet tooth? Why not go for a makeup look inspired by your favorite confectioneries? For first timers, identify the main colors of the chosen candy, and then incorporate them in a similar pattern or texture over basic makeup onto lips or eye areas for a pop of color. If you’re more of a go hard or go home type, challenge yourself with intricate patterns such as multi colored candy canes, gradient lollipops or sweets packaging. A colorful, mixing-friendly kit like the MEMEBOX – PONY EFFECT Galaxy Holographic Palette or L.A. Girl Cosmetics ‘s Reverie Holiday Collection Palette, finished with too cool for school’s Perfect Day Make Up Fixer, will hold the look in place.

5. Metallic Smokey Eyes

The classic smoky eye look never goes out of style. However, if you want extra oomph, metallic smokey eyes are a good place to start! Apply a layer of shimmery eye shadow over regular smoky eye makeup for a light metallic touch, or opt for MEMEBOX’s  PONY EFFECT Unlimited Cream Shadow for a more intense metallic finish. Alternatively, you can use a palette like heimish’s Dailism Eye Palette Breeze Beige  with shimmery brown shades for an instant metallic smokey look.

6. The Festive Look

For the crafty ones, the eye areas are your canvases!  Go creative with reindeers sleighing across your lids and holly dangling from wings to Santa Claus playing peekaboo on your brow bone. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube to get you started, like GlitterGirlC’s makeup tutorial, for tips to create a Christmas-themed look. Having a good set of brushes is handy, and even better if the brushes have varying thickness, shapes and softness like the Beautrend Set of 20 Makeup Brushes.

7. Stay Gold

Go bold with gold by Nature Republic! Start by adding warmth to your skin tone, like a sun-kissed bronzer glow but with creamy highlights. A sweep of NATURE REPUBLIC ‘s Crystal Eye Tint in vintage gold leaves a brilliant layer of gold cream on eyelids. For those who prefer a more dimensional look, layer on with various hues of gold eye shadow for a gradient effect. If that’s still not enough gold, complete the look by applying sheer lip gloss with sprinkles of gold glitter.

8. Fierce Red Lips

Few can rock the red lip look every day, but anyone can sport fierce red lips at a festive party! For vivid payoff, the traditional matte lipstick is the way to go with the help of a lip liner. For those who prefer an instant yet mess-free look, try the SON & PARK Lip Crayon for a creamy and rich red hue. If you’re not the type to top up your lippy, then Mamonde’s Creamy Tint Squeeze Lip will keep the intense red color in-tack for hours!

9. Fantasy Mermaid

With gorgeous gradients and opulent textures, this mermaid-inspired look is sure to wow everyone at the party! Go full fantasy mermaid with a color scheme of deep violets, dark blues and lots of shimmer for that “out of water” dewy glow. The trick to achieving scaly effects is to use a mesh cap or small fishnets as a stencil, then layer with at least three different intensities of your chosen color eye shadow plus metallic shimmer. Need a little more definition for the eyes? Deep blue eyeliner like MCC’s Accent Gelroof Color Pencil may seem like an unlikely choice, but it is the real deal! For a blue-centric color palette, apply a darker blue shade to your lash line to intensify the sultry and mysterious eye makeup. For other colors, pencil eyeliner like 16brand’s Sixteen Eye Pencil Line creates contrastingly bold and vibrant eye makeup.

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