What hair styles are you rocking this winter? (Based on zodiac signs)

Signs & Attires

Fire Signs: “I woke up like this”

Aries , Leo , Sagittarius

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2018 has been a year of accomplishments, changes and career developments for fire signs. Above shoulder-length hair is manageable, practical and sophisticated but non-fussy – which is perfect for motivated fire signs to display their fiery ambitions!

The Instagram-trending butter blonde hair in an easy-to-manage balayage is probably a fire sign’s preferred choice for transitioning to the New Year. Why? Because it’s manageable enough to look professional and, like their personality, the color emits an air of warmth and liveliness. Elaborate hair accessories are unnecessary, but a hairband is handy for getting hands-on and serious with work (if only to keep hair out of the face).

Fire signs are like sunshine; from the boss-like Aries and confident Leo to the optimistic Sagittarius, they emanate confidence, are spontaneous, and often have a positive and approachable image. This is why a Sassoon-style, almost mathematical bob haircut is not going to do these vivacious girls justice. The sharp and blunt cut is cool but feels aloof – just the opposite of what fire signs represent! On the other hand, a “woke up like this” tousled shoulder-length hair with a slightly messy parting, or a hand-brushed WOB (wavy bob) is a perfect match for their laidback personalities.


Earth Signs: “Looking fresh”

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

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Earth signs underwent a year of self-improvement, and frequently stepped out of their comfort zones. However, they’re rather content by fall with where they are and are ready to welcome the New Year with a new hairdo. A refreshing short hair look is really tempting for the steady and practical earth signs, and a great look to announce their newfound selves.

Following a no-nonsense approach to life, earth signs won’t be wearing their tresses in crazy colors. They’re innately attracted to beauty and nature, and will prefer a rich brown as their hair color for the season. They’ll keep it fairly natural-looking and won’t be satisfied with single color-toned hair. With the help of babylights, a more subdued version of highlights to enhance sheen and tonal texture, earth signs can carry a healthy and natural look without looking too one-dimensional and boring.

A softly-layered pixie cut or a simple bob with gentle flip-up ends are both tempting looks, simply because they tick all the boxes – refined, polished, unflashy and convenient – that the earth sign seeks. However, short hair requires some attention to styling. Moderate use of styling gel can help to add volume for a slightly fluffy yet fresh short hair look – or they can go heavier for a full-swept look. For off days, (because even the sensible Taurus, meticulous Virgo and hardworking Capricorn can become unbothered and inattentive at times) opt for a newsboy cap for flatter hair, or beanie to keep voluminous hair under control.


Water Signs: “Glamour up”

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

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2018 has been a roller coaster year of decision-making for water signs. Throughout the first three quarters of the year, these intuitive yet sensitive signs were challenged to communicate in new ways, and are now both mentally and physically exhausted. A little bit of indulgence and pampering will cheer them up and keep them going for their next challenges!

Out with the old and in with the new, water signs won’t hesitate to ditch their old looks this season. Feeling adventurous and even experimental, they’ll gravitate towards silvery ash tones with drops of pastels for their hair color. Try the new rose gold, described as “polaroid rinse“– it’s a silvery blush color that showcases both the cool and romantic sides of water signs.

No matter how many terrible wardrobe decisions were made this year, it’s all in the past! Have faith and make all your outfits feel like a million dollars with long luscious blowouts, glam curls and silky smooth waves! Although effortless, the “hair down” look will bore the perceptive Cancer, strong-willed Scorpio and idealistic Pisces. Spruce things up with ad-libbed braids using ribbons and pins to bring out a dream girl look that’s pretty and sweet.


Air Signs: “90s babe”

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

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Thus far, 2018 for air signs revolves around relationships and family matters. As the social butterflies of the zodiac, they’re itching to dive into parties, events and simply a bit of fun to let their hair down. Air signs are adept at livening party moods, often by incorporating fancy dressing. As the year is coming to a close, they are already ahead of the game at planning these extracurricular activities.

Holding to their fancy-dressing tendency and trend-conscious mindsets, air signs will rock the mega comeback of the 90s babe look! From the catwalks of Alexander Wang to Prabal Gurung, there have been a prominence of 90s-inspired hair accessories, like zigzag comb headbands, bag claw clips and rhinestone-dazzled hair grips. Maybe it’s time to rummage through that forgotten ballerina jewelry box at your mom’s?

On a regular day, the fun Gemini, charming Libra and imaginative Aquarius are actually quite lazy when dealing with their own hair – and really, the fewer steps the better. A medium hair length in 90s favorite dark dirty blond with shadow roots is a good look to start with. It doesn’t require ridiculous aftercare, is fairly quick to air dry and looks good as is – and yet still long enough to manipulate for special occasions. It’s especially cool with hair accessories on!

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