YesStyle Gift Ideas 2018

It’s that time of the year again when everyone hits the stores or visits their favorite websites searching for the ultimate present for everyone on their list.

Don’t be the type who procrastinates and ends up frantically hunting down last-minute gifts. If you’re lost and not sure where to start, don’t fret because we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of gift ideas to help you shop for friends, family or even yourself.

Whether you’re shopping for your beauty-addict BFF, significant other or relatives that you only see during the holidays and have no clue what they might like, you’ll get it right with our curated selections. Get ready to check everyone off your list!

For The Skin Care Obsessed

Beauty sets make gift-giving a lot easier – all you have to do is find the right one. Take your pick between the YesStyle x Secret Key or YesStyle x Dear, Klairs boxes. The former is called the Instant Brightening Kit and includes four products that promise to revitalize and brighten skin – perfect for someone who’s looking to achieve a year-round glow. The latter is a 4-step skin care set featuring some of Dear, Klairs’ best-selling products, including a cleanser, toner, Vitamin C serum and moisturizer. These products make wonderful beauty gift sets for those who can never have too many skin care products!

Secret Key | Dear, Klairs

For Makeup Junkies

Got friends who won’t go a day without makeup? Despite their vanities being packed with every single makeup item, from countless shades of lipsticks to a plethora of colorful eyeshadow palettes, they just can’t seem to get enough. Why not add to that pile with a Peri’s Mini Fridge from peripera? The fridge comes in pink or blue, and each contains 5 of peripera’s best-selling products, including the Ink The Velvet Miniature (#16), Vivid Tint Water Miniatures (#02 and #06), Ink Liquid Cheek (#Peach Pink) and Ink Multi Shading Miniature. If you think those are cute, wait until you see the miniature bottles and cans, along with stickers that can be used to decorate their fridge. It’s totally Instagram-worthy!

For Naptime Enthusiasts

For those who take naps every chance they get, Lazy Corner’s Convertible Panda Blanket + Slipcase set is what’s missing in their life. This gift pretty much speaks for itself: It’s cute and comes in handy when it’s time to lounge around or take a quick nap. To make the pillow even plumper, you can stuff the blanket inside. It’s also an ideal gift for jet-setters as the set is light and small enough to store in a backpack or luggage!

For Stationery Collectors

Never lose your pens or school essentials with this Printed Pencil Case from School time. This roomy zip-up pencil case is a great choice for your friends, siblings or classmates. Gift it to someone who owns all sorts of stationery and needs something cute to put them in. You can pick between the plain, banana or strawberry milk carton designs.

For The Party Girl Who Loves Glitter

Why gift single-pot eye shadows when you can pick from these eye shadow palettes? Just in time for party season, these palettes from Etude House offer 10 unique shades, ranging from matte to shimmer finishes. The Play Color Eyes palette in Wine Party provides rich and deep shades inspired by the colors of wine while the Cherry Blossom Edition provides pinkish tones that resemble spring’s cherry blossoms. Save the former for holiday parties and the latter to fit an everyday makeup look.

For The K-Pop Fanatic

These gifts are especially for those friends who are K-pop crazy! Fans of Korean boy band BTS will appreciate Mediheal’s BTS BT21 Face Point Mask Set. Each mask features a different cartoon character face mask and comes with a cute postcard and bookmark. Your friends who love lip lacquer and K-pop will get the best of both worlds when they unwrap their present and see Etude House’s Matte Chic Lacquer Red Velvet Love Kit, a lipstick gift set with 5 lip lacquers as well as photo cards featuring the members of Korean girl group Red Velvet.

Mediheal | Etude House

For Those Who Are Really Into Cute Packaging

Any makeup with irresistibly cute packaging deserves a spot on your vanity. We’ve got four of the cutest lip tints that’ll make perfect gifts for your girl gang, or just friends who are obsessed with lip makeup. The Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint from LABIOTTE, Saemmul Mousse Candy Tint from The Saem, Velvet Umbrella Tint from FAUX PAS PARIS and Soft Drink Tint 4pcs Set from Etude House – which one would you choose?

LABIOTTE’s lip tints are adorably packaged to resemble tiny wine bottles, which should win over your wine-lover friends! FAUX PAS PARIS definitely gets it right with the unique umbrella packaging for their creamy lip tints. And your friends with a sweet tooth, or a weakness for candy or soda, should love the food-inspired packaging of The Saem’s and Etude House’s lip tints.

All these lip tints are sold individually except for Etude House’s Soft Drink Tint Set, which includes 4 different shades packed in mini soft drink bottles. There’s a wide range of hues to choose from and all are guaranteed to leave lips gorgeously colored for hours!


FAUX PAS PARIS | Etude House

For Those Who Need On-The-Go Moisture

Winter’s the best season to gift someone hand creams. These selections give you nothing but soft and well-moisturized hands and they’re travel-sized so you can bring them anywhere. Plus they smell amazing! Let your friends pamper their hands every day with these Moment Perfume Hand Creams from Holika Holika, available in Jasmine, Grapefruit, Fig, Peach, Rose and Cotton scents. You can get each scent individually but no one’s stopping you from gifting all of them at once!

For Every Beauty Queen

This makeup gift idea should be on the wish list of every soon-to-be makeup artist or makeup junkie. The stunning Makeup Brush Set from Stroke of Beauty comes in two handle types finished in either almond or black. Your friend will get a variety of 12 brushes that will help keep their makeup on fleek at all times. What’s a makeup queen without her essentials?

For Those Who Like To Accessorize Up Top

Beanies are comfortable, they keep your head warm, and they make a stylish addition to your winter outfit. You can even use them to disguise a bad hair day! The Knit Beanie is unisex so it’s a flexible gift. If you’re shopping for someone who’s a little bit more stylish, or just loves cute beanies, then go for the Pompom Beanie.

Hats ‘n’ Tales | Buttercap

For Corgi Lovers

…or someone who can never have too many socks! When in doubt, you can always count on these wardrobe staples. They’re also hands down the easiest gift to buy! You get extra points for choosing cute socks like these Corgi Print Socks, which are foolproof gifts for dog lovers. You can also opt for classic types like plain-colored crew-length socks or over-the-knee socks.

Cloud Femme | Oz Garden | MITU

For Your No. 1 Partner-In-Crime

Need a gift for your special someone, or are you looking to buy a gift for a couple? Why wait until Valentine’s Day when you can show some love to them this season? This pair of fleece-lined sweatshirts – one is printed with “The King” and the other with “His Queen” – will surely appeal to couples who love wearing matching outfits.

For Your Mom, Friends or Even Yourself

Scarves – probably the most used accessory come winter. You can get the most out of this Convertible Plaid Scarf; it’s a scarf that can easily be transformed into a poncho or shrug, thus making it the most versatile of the bunch. It’s the best holiday gift you can get for your mom, aunt or friends who dress for both comfort and style. It also features a plaid print like the Fringed Plaid Scarf – and you know plaids will never go out of style, no matter what season! If the recipient of your gift loves anything cozy, they’ll appreciate owning a wrap scarf like the Fringed Fleece Scarf.

BAIMOMO | Hats ‘n’ Tales | RGLT Scarves

For Your Jewelry-Obsessed Friend

Bring a bit of sparkle into someone’s life with some accessories. They say that “Good things come in small packages” and 90% of the time that’s true simply because there’s jewelry inside the box. Among all the women’s accessories available at YesStyle, we shortlisted 4 of the best and most popular ones including a set of rings, a 925 sterling silver rhinestone necklace featuring different constellations in the zodiac family, a crescent moon pendant necklace and, of course, a pair of dangle earrings.

The rings are great for mixing and matching as they come in various sizes and both silver and gold finishes. Take your pick between the two necklaces – you can either go for the rhinestone-studded constellation pendant necklace or the dainty crescent pendant necklace which is available in silver, rose gold and gold. And lastly, the rhinestone chandelier earrings deserve a spot in anyone’s jewelry box because who can resist something so sparkly and pretty?

Ticoo | A’ROCH

Claudette | MOMENT OF LOVE

For The Ultimate Self-Care Gift

If you still need more holiday gift ideas, we’ve got one last suggestion: face massage tools. For the past year, these tools have been gaining popularity among beauty devotees; you may have noticed different types of face rollers popping up on your social media feeds. Celebrities and social media influencers use them, and they’ve definitely convinced many people to try out this latest trend.

Got a friend who takes her skin care regimen seriously but is missing one of these tools? The sleek T-shaped Beauty Bar 24k Golden Pulse Facial Massager is not your ordinary face massage roller. It vibrates 6,000 times per minute to massage skin and improve blood circulation.

For those who you know are always pressed for time and can’t make it to facial appointments, consider Cosmedica’s Skincare Microneedling Derma Roller. Compared to the facial massager, this won’t give you a relaxing experience and will require a higher tolerance for pain. But it is effective in providing the same results that you get from the spa.

The Microneedling Derma Roller contains 540 stainless steel microneedles that help improve collagen production and make skin appear more voluminous and plump. After using it, skin care products can absorb into the skin up to 200 times faster.

Due to the nature of the product, you should avoid gifting the Microneedling Derma Roller to anyone with irritated, infected or fungal skin, or with active acne or rosacea, as their skin is considered too sensitive for the tool.

Thalia | cosmedica

While it’s still early, start planning your shopping list as gifting season approaches – the earlier, the better! Whether you’re sticking to a budget or you want to shell out, our holiday gift guide will make shopping a lot easier.

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