Brand Spotlight: COSRX

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A brand new month calls for a new Brand Spotlight.

This November, we’re giving the spotlight to COSRX, a rising Korean skin care brand that many of you have probably heard of – or, you may already be a loyal COSRX customer. Either way, keep reading as we look at COSRX’s background and philosophy, and why their products are must-haves in every beauty addict’s skin care routine.

Image: @cosrx

COSRX takes its name from the word “cosmetics” and the symbol “RX”, meaning prescription. Founded in 2014, COSRX has quickly become a favorite of many skin care lovers due to the brand’s simple yet effective approach to beauty.

The brand’s mission involves creating well-formulated products, and one thing to notice is each product’s ingredients list. COSRX is known for having short ingredients lists featuring only necessary components including natural and high-quality extracts. The brand also takes a very basic, minimal approach to packaging, and keeps their main focus on producing skin care products to suit everyone’s skin issues.

The brand’s wide range of products is suitable for all skin types while tackling various skin concerns. Whether you’re dealing with breakouts, oily and clogged skin, fine lines and wrinkles, or dry and dull skin, COSRX has your back no matter your skin type.

COSRX is especially popular and well-received among those with sensitive and acne-prone skin due to their skin-friendly ingredients. The Acne Pimple Master Patch is one of the brand’s top-selling items that everyone reaches (and goes back) for. The ultimate product for those pesky acne emergencies, it’s loved by so many that it was even selected as a winner of US Teen Vogue’s 2017 Acne Awards. The patch provides a quick and easy fix for blemishes and also prevents infections. It’s available in different sizes (7mm, 10mm, 12mm) and all you do is simply apply a patch to cover the affected spot.

For those who are new to COSRX, there are plenty of other products to choose from, many of which are highly rated and reviewed by YesStyle customers, including the Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser, AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner and Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF50 PA+++.

YesStyle will soon be collaborating with COSRX so stay tuned for more details!

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