The Two Colors That Will Redefine Your Sign’s Fall/Winter Wardrobe (Part Two)

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Welcome back! Based on Pantone’s appointed colors for Fall/Winter 2018 plus a recurring favorite in your sign’s wardrobe, this is the last of the two installments covering two colors that will redefine your wardrobe this season!

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Aquarius – Meerkat x Ceylon Yellow

The water-bearers are easily distinguished by their offbeat sensibilities and love of all things unusual. A peek into their closets reveals copious bold pieces screaming confidence in one corner, and uncertainty in the other – much like their eclectic personalities. With hints of terracotta and camel, Pantone’s Meerkat is a versatile color that Aquarians should challenge this season. This easy-to-wear color couldn’t be more perfect for stringing all their avant-garde pieces together to make brilliantly chic OOTDs. Don’t forget to throw in fair amounts of Ceylon Yellow to spice things up!

Pisces – Crocus Petal x Lilac

Who else, besides the gentle Pisces, is fit for this season’s most ethereal color? No matter the style, Pisces never fail to incorporate romantic detailing into their collections, and Pantone’s Crocus Petal seems a great choice for the fish to channel some pastel-on-pastel ensembles. The muted lilac tone exudes whimsical energies with spring-like airiness. Styling any Crocus Petal-colored piece with an almost identical lilac hue creates more dimensions in winter outfits, and gives Pisces their usual modernistic edge when pertaining to romance.

Aries – Sargasso Blue x Red Pear

Honing their spiritual color with the addition of deep and mysterious Sargasso Blue, Aries will see their wardrobe in a whole new light! Luscious yet intense, Red Pear has more of a burgundy note and, when paired with intriguing Sargasso Blue, emanates an air of alluring sophistication and risqué appeal. Aries’ fiery yet passionate traits will be on full display, but if they follow the style rule of 70% blue and 30% red, this creates a composed yet refined representation of their egos without stripping away their vivacity.

Taurus – Almond Buff x Tofu

Could this be a new dessert? The delicious-sounding Almond Buff and Tofu duo works hand-in-hand this season to lighten the oxen’s wardrobe. Neutral tones often bring luxurious materials like cashmere and alpaca wool – both fibers commonly used in winter clothing – to mind. Sensuous Taurus appreciates gratification of the senses more than aesthetic pleasures. These pragmatic souls with indulgent tendencies enjoy plenty of alone time, whether it’s bathing in alluring aromas or diving into comforting, yet enticing textures. The Almond Buff and Tofu color combination is visually soothing, versatile and gives off a therapeutic vibe. These neutral hues, when paired with soft textures, will dominate any Taurian’s wardrobe.

Gemini –  Elegant Black x Meerkat

Geminis rarely put these two colors together; the twins don’t dislike these colors but they are just not favorites. However, being trend-orientated fashionistas, Geminis most definitely will get their hands on key winter pieces in Pantone’s Meerkat and Elegant Black. As one of the most desired colors of the season, the never-out-of-style black struck everyone with opulence on this season’s catwalks and street-style scenes, earning the new title of Elegant Black. Layered with the most requested brown of the season, Geminis winter wardrobes are looking sleek, chic and on-trend modern.

Cancer – Nebulas Blue x Valiant Poppy

Summer never ends for Cancer. The crabs dominate high summer season and will stretch their summery energies to their winter wardrobes! For winter, of course, there won’t be any more denim shorts and peep-toe sandals, but the blazing summer heat will live on in the form of enchanting Nebulas Blue and vivid Valiant Poppy. The striking red with vermilion will melt wintry blues away, while the Nebulas Blue serves as an unlikely romantic touch reminiscent of summer twilights that brighten up dark, wintry tones.


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