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BTS has been achieving many firsts for a K-pop group over the last few months, like being the first K-pop group to win social artist awards from the American Music Awards and the Billboard Music Awards. Last month, the group addressed the United Nations regarding their campaign LOVE MYSELF, which focuses on helping children and teens live without fear of violence. They also made it on the cover of TIME magazine as one of the ‘Next Generation Leaders’.

Having topped various lists this year, BTS was also crowned as the most fashionable boy band by ELLE magazine. As the leader and main rapper, RM (also known as Nam-joon and formerly as Rap Monster) has been the main spokesperson of the group in their international activities. ARMYs (BTS fan name) love keeping up with RM’s fashion snapshots on their twitter account and so do I! It’s the spookiest month of the year and what better way to celebrate that than styling the chicest Monster?

T-Shirt and Jacket

RM loves wearing T-shirts, especially ones with fun and vibrant prints, and after wearing a yellow shirt and cute overalls, fans have since loved seeing him in this color. This tee features a graphic of a couple of guys lounging around, which is something the members do on their reality show Bon Voyage!

Denim jackets with hoodies are easy-to-style staples that wouldn’t look out of place in RM’s street style-heavy wardrobe. The rapper often sports comfy and casual outerwear just like this fashionable normcore piece.

Pants, Check Socks & Boots

Nam-joon often prefers loose-fitting pants over skinny jeans. These pants feature a loose waist with slightly tapered calves which really accentuate his height. The large front and back gusset pockets embellished with D-rings and straps add a cool slick aesthetic.

With horizontal straps and leather buckles, the black leather boots match the pants and leather bag. A mostly black ensemble needs a pop of color so I added red check socks, which are fun and small details that change up the plain palette while also bringing in the tiny bit of red from the tee.

Bucket Hat, Bag & Glasses

Every member of BTS loves bucket hats but RM’s love affair with this particular hat is well documented and often associated with his style. The accessory completes the street style aesthetic that he often wears off-stage.

A leather carryall is Nam-joon’s favorite bag for travelling. Known for being an avid reader, he is often inspired by books for his lyrics. This bag is a definite must-have so that he can carry all of those inspirational books with him.

While fans already know that RM is a genius with a reported IQ of 148, the round glasses add a nerdy chic to his whole ensemble. Even though he’s often called the ‘God of destruction’ by BTS members and ARMYs, I hope he doesn’t break these glasses!

Which K-pop idol should we style next? Comment below!

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