AROMATICA Lavender Relaxing Toner Review

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Toners have been part of my skin care routine for as long as I can remember. Although I don’t think I understood their benefits when I first started using them, now I can’t live without them!

Without toners, your skin’s pH levels would be all over the place. After cleansing, your skin needs to return to its optimal 5.5 pH level, and toners help to maintain that balance. Applying toner also hydrates the skin and removes any dirt, oil or impurities that linger after cleansing.

This time, I’m testing out the Lavender Relaxing Toner from Korean brand AROMATICA. The brand’s founder believes in making safe and effective cosmetics for his family, which is what inspired him to create beauty products and become a first-generation aromatherapist in Korea.

You can easily appreciate a brand when you know what they stand for. AROMATICA not only cares for their customers but also the environment. They stick to using natural and botanical ingredients, and they’re a cruelty-free brand. As a registered partner of the Vegan Society, AROMATICA also practices sustainability by avoiding ingredients derived from endangered plants.

This slightly acidic toner claims to soothe and moisturize skin without causing any irritation. It’s free from alcohol, preservatives and synthetic colorants and fragrance. It also contains plenty of extracts that are great for the skin, such as organic aloe vera leaf and lavender floral extracts.

I give the packaging five stars out of five. When I received the toner, I wasn’t expecting it to include a little something extra. The bottle, which is quite huge (375ml), comes packed with a travel-sized spray bottle that you can use to bring some toner along on your vacations. It also comes with a set of embossed cotton pads with different flowers imprinted on each cotton pad. These add a cute touch – I’ve never seen anything like it with a beauty product! I also love the simple minimalist design of the bottle.

I’m obsessed with anything lavender and this toner has a subtle lavender scent that calms and relaxes – perfect for applying at night before bedtime! The application is pretty straightforward; just apply it as you would other toners. Saturate a cotton pad and gently wipe it across your face and neck after cleansing. This helps prep your skin for the next products you layer on.

I use the toner during the day to remove excess sebum that my skin produces overnight and I apply it again at night to help get rid of any remaining residue. It’s a great toner for all skin types and is suitable for sensitive, reactive and also dry skin types. Apart from its amazing scent, I love how the toner leaves my skin moisturized and is gentle enough for my easily-irritated face. Take note of the toner’s short shelf life as it’s recommended to use within six months of opening.

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