Your approach to dressing up this Halloween (Based on Star Sign)

Signs & Attires

Aries – The hero

Most at ease in their own skins, audacious Aries will gravitate towards a character that feels very much like themselves. If you see someone stomping down the pavement dressed as a hero, heroine or even a low-key version of a self-interpreted hero, you’re probably encountering an Aries in their prime time.  That’s only if they bother to dress up this Halloween – and if it’s not some variation of a hero, an aerobics instructor or your regular P.E teacher is what they will opt for.

Most likely to turn up as: Power Ranger


Taurus – The pragmatic costume

Serene and somewhat introverted Taurus doesn’t take dressing up as throwing on outrageous frocks and impractical props. A character that fits their nature the best is the soft-spoken, sweet and slightly shy Sandy from Grease. With a little push, their inner bad-ass babe will rock Sandy with a full perm and off-shoulder top paired with skinny leather pants.

Most likely to turn up as: Sandy from Grease


Gemini – The most poetic character

The witty Gemini is not just about looking pretty. A conversation-initiating outfit is a must for the annual festivity (it’s also an excuse to fancy dress as Geminis love fancy dressing). Geminis are fantastic conversationalists and they enjoy sharing knowledge, which is why their costume will come with a story to tell (often a less commonly known one). They love it when people ask them which character they are dressed as because Geminis take research very seriously.

Most likely to turn up as: Fairy Queen Titania, from A Midsummer’s Night Dream


Cancer – The DIY look

Whether naughty or nice, intuitive Cancers employ fun within the formula and take pride in their creations. A sucker for anything sweet, candy-addict Cancer is likely the one that prepares all the candies but eats them before Halloween. Diligent with their hands, the water sign will make their own costumes from scratch, or tweak elements from an existing one. Who else fits their crafty nature and has a love for sweets other than Gretel from the Grimms’ fairytale Hansel & Gretel.

Most likely to turn up as: Gretel from Hansel and Gretel


Leo – The boss of the party

Expect nothing less than show-stopping from theatrical Leos this Halloween. Like the Queen of Sheba, Leos will don glitz and glamour, and there will be a red carpet rolling down the aisle as they make their entrance. If a popular costume choice cannot be avoided, they will make sure they’re the best Cleopatra interpretation at the party.

Most likely to turn up as:  Cleopatra


Virgo – The last minute outfit

Virgos are busy individuals (or at least they claim to be). But even so, they will want everything to be perfect and faultless. They also don’t like to mess up but will go with whatever they can rummage from their mother’s wardrobes, meaning their Halloween outfit will be a direct recreation from a certain era.  Alternatively, those trendy items they’ve invested in from summer can make up a last-minute but convincing hippie costume.

Most likely to turn up as: a hippie


Libra – Recyclable outfit

Based on Tarot cards, Libra is represented by the card of Judgment – often a connotation for Libras’ fixation on balance and harmony. They love a good crowd to hang with but also need a little bit of space to calm themselves from uneasiness. The poker-faced Queen of Hearts is the character they will resonate with this Halloween!  While showcasing their true astrological nature, it’s the perfect role for Libra whether they’re going solo or in a group.

Most likely to turn up as: Queen of Hearts


Scorpio – Classic Horror

Halloween falls near the beginning of Scorpio season, and when it comes to dressing for the occasion, Scorpios are naturally born to embrace all elements of the spooky holiday. The Scorpio will grace classic Halloween characters like witches, ghosts and vampires with ease.  But if there’s another popular character that a Scorpio really resonates with spiritually and aesthetically, it’s the dark and mysterious Wednesday Addams from the 90s blockbuster (and even older TV series) The Addams Family.

Most likely to turn up as: Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family.


Sagittarius –The adventurous but mischievous

How can you celebrate Halloween without a bit of horror? Sagittarius loves a good party, and that’s why they’re not interested in the cute and sexy “costumes” everyone else is in. Look out for a terrifying costume that will make this Halloween memorable!  If someone is dressing up as Pennywise, Chucky the haunted doll, or simply prefers to prank others while gobbling on treats – yeah, that’s a Sagittarius for you.

Most likely to turn up as: a nightmarish villain


Capricorn –Well planned and ambitious

Capricorns are avid planners, who will have their Halloween costume all planned out before everyone else, and will ensure that it’s complete. Whether it’s hand painting every snake on Medusa’s head or making a papiermâché wizard wand from scratch, Capricorns will have all the planning commenced and actioned way ahead. If they turn up as the Corpse Bride, it will be in the most convincing and thoughtfully-prepared distressed wedding dress, complete with all the necessary accessories and makeup.

Most likely to turn up as: the Corpse Bride


Aquarius – The idealistic costume

Honestly, there’s really no way to predict what kind of costume the eccentric Aquarius will go for this Halloween.  But one thing for sure is that nothing will stop them from utilizing their boundless imagination and creativity. If you see someone dressed as a unicorn, snail or pumpkin, they may or may not be an Aquarius. But if you see someone mixing elements of all three into one costume, the chances that they are an Aquarius will quadruple.

Most likely to turn up as: a fluffy creature with lots of glitter


Pisces – The full-on impersonation

The type that’s imaginative, subtly dramatic, and quickly blends into any social group at a party, Pisces dwells in fantasies and dreams that will be reflected in their Halloween costumes. This year, Pisces will opt for an original character born from a self-fabricated tale.  Anything from a time-travelling mermaid, a talking lollipop or a widowed noblewoman from the 1930s – a Pisces will make sure they take the stage in their unique Halloween alter ego.

Most likely to turn up as: a widowed noble lady from the 1930s

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