The Boldest and Baddest: CL

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CL is a fashionista and the popstar alter ego of Chaerin Lee. The former leader of 2NE1 is an international star with great style so of course I’m dressing her on Style Files!

Over the years, Chaerin has made waves and just recently GZB’z (the name for her fans) were thrilled to witness her acting debut in Mile 22 alongside big Hollywood names such as John Malkovich and Mark Wahlberg. However, this isn’t her first foray into the international spotlight. She proved that she was truly “the best” after her Hello Bitches MV with a posse of models for Vogue in NYFW 2016, and also earlier this year when she performed at the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympics Closing Ceremony.

Aside from giving us fans the best bops, the boldest and baddest unnie (older sister) in the game also appeared on the cover of multiple international fashion magazines. This “billion dollar baby” is BFFs with the biggest fashion designers in the world, so her style is always on point. CL has also been exposed to an amalgam of cultures since she grew up in France, Japan and Korea. This is evident in her unique mix-and-match style that’s fashion-forward and exudes confidence.

Color Block Dress & Faux Leather Harness

This athleisure color block dress has a mock strapless silhouette exuding the easy and sexy vibe that CL rocks all the time. She’s been wearing corsets as of late, from her outfit at the Olympics to the premier of Mile 22, and this tie at the waist is a just a slight nod to that.

Since her debut in 2009, CL has never been afraid to step outside of the K-pop comfort zone and has regularly worn eye-popping faux leather accessories like studded garters and belts. This black peek-a-boo harness creates a wonderful juxtaposition to her casual white sporty dress. Long-time fans know that she also loves studs but this one features small subtle pieces to compliment the small grommet holes of her beret.

Beret & Hoops

This outfit features a mix of vintage and new pieces with different kinds of styles mashed together. So it’s important to have small details that bring the whole look together. The 3 hoops in the beret match the oversized hoop earrings and also tie into the hoops of the harness.

Fishnet Tights & Pointed Ankle Boots

CL has owned a low-key gothic punk rock style since her debut with 2NE1, so fishnet tights and pointed ankle boots are perfect for her! The fishnet pattern matches the faux leather harness which creates the illusion that they’re connected as one piece underneath the dress.

The singer is a fellow footwear fanatic and her collection boasts a wide variety, but the common theme is, of course, towering heels. I chose these pointed ankle boots with a shiny sheen to match the cat eye sunglasses and the color of her favorite flowers, red roses.

Holo Bag & Red Sunglasses

CL’s name is phonetically similar to the French word ciel, meaning sky. A hologram bag is a perfect reflection of that name and also reminds me of 2NE1’s first mini album and her recent solo album, Lifted. This crossbody also features golden stud details that she loves.

To match her red boots, I’ve added Chaerin’s favorite accessory, sunglasses. The red cat-eyed sunnies accentuate her signature fierce eye makeup and red lips.

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