GEO – Magic Color Lens YH-302 (Twins Gold Blue) Review

The YesStyle Beauty Lab“A season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.” Yes, fall is here and it’s finally acceptable to watch Fantastic Mr. Fox on repeat. The changing of seasons is usually my excuse to be as extra as I can be, and what’s more extra than wearing colored contact lenses? I wanted to try GEO’s Magic Color Lens in Twins Gold Blue because the coolness of the blue accentuates the pop from the yellow flecks and that’s perfect for the transitional weather.

Before wearing the contact lens, it’s recommended to soak it for 6-8 hours in a separate contact lens solution so that the saline solution, which the lens comes in, doesn’t burn your eyes. My go-to option is Mentholatum’s Rohto C3 Softone Moist One Touch Contact Lens Solution.

False Lashes, Glossy Play Eyeshadow Palette, Mascara and Lens Case

The lenses are really comfortable and can be worn for long periods of time. My eyes often feel quite dry but the lenses were moist enough that I only applied eye drops after five hours of wearing them.

Before and After

I love the color because it looks really natural. Lenses tend to be a lot darker in real life than they appear online but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the colors were vibrant. It also has a rather natural gradient and is not that pixilated.

The lens is eye-catching but not shocking, and with my style motto “go big or go home,” I can see myself wearing these every day. These can last for a year as long as you wash them properly with the right solution and change the contact lens case frequently. For casual wearers and beginners, use these for special occasions. Halloween is just around the corner so you can rock these for your cosplays too!

How I wore it

Because it is fall, I’ve decided to wear this lens with Holika Holika’s Glossy Play Eyeshadow Palette using the shades Vanilla Butter, Fresh Apricot, Mature Apricot, and Mature Peach. The shades are perfect for early fall weather and it really brings out the warm specks in the lens and contrasts the blue shades.

Remember to wear your contacts first before putting on makeup so that you won’t ruin all your hard work. The lenses also come as singles so be sure to buy two, unless you’re Mike Wazowski!

Products used in the final look


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In order to protect your eyes and ensure that the lenses are used properly and safely, you are strongly advised to download and read the User Instructions.

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