The Two Colors That Will Redefine Your Sign’s Fall/Winter 2018 Wardrobe. (Part One)

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Catching your seasonal dose of winter blues? Generally speaking, we’re all guilty of mirroring the weather in the way we look – if it’s cold, wet and miserable outside, we gravitate towards duller, darker tones in our choice of clothing. Surely we should all be doing the opposite! If the weather lacks buoyancy, shouldn’t we be wearing colors that cheer us up?

Just because it’s cold, that doesn’t mean you have to steer clear from bright hues and an exciting wardrobe. Winter is my personal favorite season! Why, you ask? Because it’s the best time of the year to experiment with unusual combos and layers, and what’s more rewarding than discovering new ways to style that same old sweater?

Based on Pantone’s appointed colors for Fall/Winter 2018, as well as a recurring favorite in your zodiac sign’s wardrobe, this is the first of two installments covering the two colors that can redefine your wardrobe this season!

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Leo – Russet Orange x Quiet Gray

Boasting the true essence of their planetary ruler (the Sun), Leos are mostly confident and radiant throughout the year, which is why their wardrobes are not short on golden hues and regal tones. It’s kind of a no-brainer that Leos will be rocking Pantone’s Russet Orange this season, but let’s not go too crazy with the bright hues. Leo’s dramatic flair is best expressed with Russet Orange, but Quiet Gray is the essential color to harmonize their closets. Styling tips?  Follow the simple ratio of a little orange and a lot more gray, and Leos will continue to shine brightly in bold but definitely not over the top outfits.

Virgo – Quetzal Green x Camel

There will most certainly be swatches of greens and golden-brown in any Virgo’s wardrobe, but it’ll be rare for them to utilize both in an outfit. For Virgos, this season will consist of marrying the two colors that govern their zodiac signs, which is why the elegant Quetzal Green and versatile Camel tones will be key colors to their winter wardrobe!

Libra – Ceylon Yellow x Nude Pink

Libras favor balance, connection, and harmony, not only in their personality traits but also in their attires. Ruled by the loving Venus, Libras have a weak spot for pastels and muted colors. They may justify having a wardrobe full of pastels as systematic and timeless, but the uniformity can come off as bland this coming season. With muted lime undertones, Ceylon Yellow is a lower profile yellow that not only complements your existing nude pinks but also spices up your wardrobe with a savory and zesty kick.

Scorpio – Ultraviolet x Bright Fuchsia

Influenced by their guardian planet Pluto, Scorpios have an attraction to deep, intense themes and colors that rule over their wardrobe choices. This winter season, Scorpios should revamp their dark palettes with their bright and more vibrant counterparts. So push the plums and crimsons away and prepare to make space for the refreshing yet inventive Ultraviolet and Bright Fuchsia!

Sagittarius – Nebulas Blue x Lemon Chiffon

Think of Sagittarius like a Van Gogh or Picasso painting – expressive, outspoken and rather abstruse. Now picture those elements in the form of clothing in a perpetually expanding apparel collection. This is why whimsical Sagittarius will opt for vivid Nebulas Blue with a softer Lemon Chiffon this winter – a color combo that mixes well and reminds of starry skies and twilights.

Capricorn – Martini Olive x Olive Green

Capricorns are the power dressers of the zodiac, with wardrobes comparable to an honor student’s – coordinated and mostly interchangeable. As a cardinal Earth sign, Capricorns’ spiritual colors (black, white, gray and brown) play an imperative role in their closets. For the cold winters ahead, Capricorns’ emphasis will be on another earth tone: the smooth and sophisticated Martini Olive! A double dose of olive will ease into any Capricorn’s wardrobe effortlessly, giving their earthy wardrobe a complete finishing touch.


To be continued in Part two.

Hope you enjoyed part one! Stay tuned for the second part.

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