7 Steps To Tamed and Luscious Hair In The Morning

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As you kiss summer goodbye, you realize that every time you twirl your locks, something is wrong: Your hair has become frizzy, brittle and weak! Looking back on the last few months of constant sunbathing, dipping and diving in seawater, and leaving your hair to air-dry au natural, damaged hair was inevitable!

You may have remembered to apply sun lotion all over your face and body, but your hair was always neglected while your body is now beautifully sun-kissed. Don’t worry, it’s not too late. Just as long as you promise to take care of your hair from now on, you should be able to battle the wintry climates with stronger, healthier and prettier hair!


1. Shampoo and condition properly

Your hairdresser would advise not to wash your hair too frequently, but that’s not always a choice if you live in a hot and humid environment! Having greasy and clumpy hair is definitely not a good look, which is why you need to master washing your hair properly with the right products. Wet your hair thoroughly, shampoo from the hairline, and never ever condition your roots.


2. Scalp care is essential

Dry hair starts from a dry scalp. If you don’t put much effort into taking care of your tresses, you most certainly have forgotten the importance of scalp care. Regular scalp massages can enhance blood circulation around the roots, which helps to trigger and rejuvenate them for healthier hair growth. If that’s too much trouble, massaging the scalp while washing hair is recommended. If not, a few drops of scalp ampoule or tonic 2-3 times a week can boost healthier hair growth.


3. Use hair masks or treatments once a week

Like your face needing a weekly mask session, your hair should be pampered regularly too! Hair masks or treatments are like high-powered conditioners, often formulated with nourishing ingredients like oils, butters and such. They do so much more than your regular shampoo and conditioner, and are especially effective at treating brittle hair. This is why once a week (on top of your regular shampoo/conditioning routine) will suffice, as “overmasking” your hair may lead to a clogged scalp or greasy hair.


4. Use a hair essence or oils before blow-drying

Pump a few drops of hair essence or natural oils into your hands, rub the solution thoroughly with your palms, and then hand comb over towel-dried hair – voila, just a quick few steps to prep your hair for non-frizzy, flyaway-free and shinier blow-dry results. The essence or oil also sets a barrier on your tresses to reduce external heat damage. Don’t forget, a low heat setting is recommended for thin or fragile hair. Although thick or coarse hair can handle higher heat, it’s best to not have your hair exposed to high heat for long periods of time.


5. Reduce heat damage and use hair curlers for curly hair

Prolonged exposure to UV rays causes hair to frizz, discolor and break easily. On top of that, daily use of flat irons or hair straighteners worsens already damaged hair. That doesn’t mean you have to opt for au natural bed hair as your signature look, but there are a few things to look out for before you run your tresses through two heated iron plates.

Firstly, if your desired look consists of straight hair with a sleek, glass-shine finish, you ought to invest in a decent straightener! Use one with adjustable heat settings, ideally with titanium or ceramic plates as these materials distribute heat more evenly and give you more control over the styling temperature. It’s best to refrain from running your hair through hot irons every day, but if you really have to, make sure you use a lower heat setting. Most importantly, prep your hair with a thermal protectant or hair essence.

Also, you don’t need to burn your hair to achieve bouncy curls and luscious waves. Why not try the old-fashioned way of using overnight hair curlers? Without heat, it usually requires a longer time for your curls to set, but since you can sleep quite comfortably even with a full head of curlers, you can save time for a little more beauty sleep!

6. Use a good hairbrush before bed and in the morning

Dry and frail strands have the tendency to break easily which often leads to induced hair loss. That’s why you should get into the habit of brushing your hair regularly and correctly. (Yes, there is actually a proper way of brushing your hair.)

Before brushing, gently detangle your ends with a fine-tooth comb. Then run your big hair brush from the middle to the ends, section by section before moving onto the roots. When you get to the roots, brush slowly with easy strokes – it works like a massage as it unclogs hair follicles, as well as increasing blood circulation. Like brushing your teeth, brush your hair at least once before bedtime and in the morning, and you should start seeing noticeable improvements in the quality of your tresses. Making this a regular practice induces a balanced distribution of natural oils, which not only strengthens hair but also locks moisture in for healthier hair growth.


7. Have a healthy sleeping pattern and diet (A healthy body means healthier hair!)

Most importantly, healthy hair starts with a healthy body. Just like any other part of your body, your hair follicles are living organisms and require nutrients to function. Getting regular and sufficient sleep, moderate exercising, and having a stress-free lifestyle are all contributing factors for waking up with healthier and naturally radiant hair!

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