Casual Chic for Fall with EXID’s Hani

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EXID’s Ahn Hee-yeon, better known as Hani, came into the spotlight through a viral fancam that made people say “Whoz that girl?” and has since graced us mere mortals with her casual chic looks. However, it was Hani’s dorky and down-to-earth demeanor that landed her on many girl crush lists, including mine. The lead dancer and visual has been an MC for many variety shows and fashion programs over the years, and cultivated an enviable style of her own.

This lady loves dressing in fashion staples with a slight twist that’s easy to mix and match. Suggested by YesStylist readers for the coming cool weather, Hani has a great style for fall and I’m dressing her “up & down” in comfortable chic pieces.


Plaid Top & Carryall Bag

Hani’s red hair from Lady, EXID’s latest comeback, is a personal favorite and I wanted to accentuate it further with a matching red plaid top. Hani usually wears it buttoned down over graphic tees or as classy sets. I’m taking the classic fall staple up a notch with this off-shoulder piece with sexy mesh mock panels.

Idols are always traveling and the ever-practical Hani often takes large carryall bags with her to the airport. Accented with quilted faux leather panels, this bag complements the mesh details of her top.

Comic Book, Nap & Cat Brooches

Pinning brooches to your bags is a fun and easy way to add a personal touch. A comic book, a cat and “The future is naps” are perfect additions to the carryall bag that truly encapsulates Hani.

L.E.G.O.s (the official name for EXID fans) know that Hani’s a smart cookie with an IQ of 145 and loves reading comic books. Apart from being the queen of fancams, she’s also known to be quite the sleeping beauty – she can sleep for 17 hours straight! To complete the personalized bag, I’ve added another brooch that resembles her cute cat, Party.

Sneakers & Jogger Pants

After dancing in heels for hours, it’s understandable why Hani and many K-pop idols prefer sneakers during their down time. This comfortable clunky pair has pops of red to match her top, hair and trendy Gen Z yellow highlights.

Hani is known for being sexy in the industry but fans often call her Ahn Hyung (brother in Korean) for her tomboyish nature offstage. She even expresses her interest in androgynous aesthetics during interviews. These high-waisted jogger pants feature a wide waistband and hems that show off her figure but are also comfortably loose-fitting.

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