10 Cute Staples to Wear with Leggings

10 Cute Staples to Wear with Leggings

Fall is the most tempting shopping season for me – just think about the cozy knitwear, fuzzy toppers and sleek booties! Although dressing up in statement styles and bold patterns is so much fun, the true MVP of transitioning to cooler temps is a simple pair of leggings.

Do you already have a pile of leggings in your wardrobe, waiting to be styled in new ways? Given how comfortable, convenient and endlessly versatile leggings are, don’t they deserve a little more attention?

So, forget about shimmying into those skinny jeans in the morning. Whether for yoga, running, the gym, the office or just lounging around, try these perfect-with-leggings looks for yourself!

1. Color-Block Longline Cardigan from TOM & RABBIT10 Cute Staples to Wear with Leggings

This longline cardigan is one of the few outfit-making toppers on this list, considering we’ll soon need layering up. Leggings make it possible to bundle up without looking frumpy. Interesting color-blocking aside, this flowing cardigan also boasts large pockets. Add a skinny belt to give it some shape.

2. Oversized Windbreaker with Contrast Trimming from DEEPNY10 Cute Staples to Wear with Leggings

No doubt leggings can be styled up, but they’re essentially still an athleisure staple best paired with casual yet interesting outwear. Case in point is this two-tone windbreaker. Layer it over a sports bra or tank top for your next workout.

3. Color-Block Bomber Jacket from BONJOURLADY10 Cute Staples to Wear with Leggings

Speaking of making a sporty statement, the bomber jacket is another versatile option that lets you show a hint of personality. The oversized silhouette gives a casual touch to elevated looks, and its volume is perfect for balancing the leggings’ snug fit. Feel free to add a baseball cap for good measure.

4. Pink Fuzzy Sweater from NANING910 Cute Staples to Wear with Leggings

I love the rosy tone of this chunky sweater, which is perfect for breaking up all those dark fall/winter outfits overwhelming my closet. The nonchalant V-neck looks sleek. I’d team it with leggings and over-the-knee boots for a touch of glam.

5. Striped Mini Shirtdress from PIPPIN10 Cute Staples to Wear with Leggings

If you want to give the office athleisure trend a try, leggings work great with slick tunics, as long as your workplace allows it! Complement this striped long shirt with black leggings and cool booties.

6. Pastel Paneled Poncho from PIPPIN10 Cute Staples to Wear with Leggings

The poncho provides just the right coverage when paired with leggings, and this pastel style is a failsafe option. Worried that it’ll look shapeless? A slick belt will cinch your waist at the right spot. Complete an everyday look by pairing it with ankle boots, or with over-the-knee boots for a night out.

7. Cropped Sweatshirt from LIPHOP10 Cute Staples to Wear with Leggings

We mustn’t forget the simple athleisure combo of a crop sweatshirt and leggings – a streamlined ensemble that’s perfect when the weather starts getting breezy. This can be the look for workout sessions or days off from the gym, or to keep you comfortable during a long flight. In every way, this simple white sweatshirt has a place in your regular rotation.

8. Pleather-Trim Crossbody Bag from MASANDCHRIS10 Cute Staples to Wear with Leggings

While we’re busy looking at outfits, we haven’t forgotten the accessories. And no, leggings aren’t meant to be paired with nylon gym bags. What they need is a structured crossbody bag for its polished appeal. The neutral hues (read: versatile) and top handle of this decent-sized carrier means there’s a good chance you’ll use it frequently.

9. Minimal Suede Loafers from DAILY LOOK10 Cute Staples to Wear with Leggings

If you work out in leggings but don’t require atheletic sneakers, loafers are a great substitute to look polished enough for post-workout errands. The simpler the design, the cooler you look. This suede edition is right up our alley.

10. Block-Heel Pleather Ankle Boots from Wifky10 Cute Staples to Wear with Leggings

We return to the perennially stylish ankle boots from time to time, more so when the temps start to drop. Pairing with leggings isn’t exactly a new way to style them, but it doesn’t change the fact that a graphic tee, snug leggings and ankle boots make up the ideal off-duty outfit. These sturdy ankle boots come in a few neutral hues, including a white version to get you ready for holiday parties, and a failsafe black version.