This Fall’s Must-Have Accessory for Your Sign

Signs & Attires

Ever wonder how your star sign affects your choices in life? Whether or not you’re an avid horoscope reader, you’ll be surprised at the relationship between your style choices and your astrological nature. Each entry of Signs & Attires will explore how your star sign governs your shopping habits and what to bid “bye” to in your wardrobe each season. After all, there are signs in your attires for your zodiac sign (pun intended).

From runway fashion to pieces spotted on street-style pros, check out your sign’s must-have accessory for the coming fall:

Aries x Clunky Sneakers

It’s common knowledge that Aries are stubborn souls who boast a no-fuss philosophy with their style choices. They know they look stunning in flowy Grecian silhouettes but what’s the special occasion? This fall is all about being practical for Arians so they should keep minimal accessories. Clunky sneakers sound like their perfect match for the season!

Taurus x Metal  Jewelry

Getting their badass inner babe out for the fall, Taurians should keep earthy tones down in the coming months by wearing more metal. Think bold modern statements and armor-like jewelry such as chain-links, gold-tone cuffs, body chains, etc.

Gemini x Mismatched Earrings

Geminians are known for being fun, bold and never devoid of conversation-starting accessories. Embracing duality, they’ll make asymmetry their best friend this fall. It’s crazy how they’ll rock mismatched earrings so effortlessly!

Cancer x Tasseled Minis

Who says tassels are only for summer? Amicable and flirtatious Cancerians go for vibrant fun with a spice of kookiness, and an array of tassels embellishing a mini pouch is definitely what they’ll fancy for autumn.

Leo x Colorful Plexiglas Eyewear

A splash of colorful shades won’t scare away super fierce Leos. While the faint-hearted sashay away, Leos will be rocking super loud eyewear in electric blues, neon pinks and lemony yellows!

Virgo x Knee High Boots

Miss Perfect is most at ease in a pair of perfectly straight cut boots. It’s already in their diary to look out for a pair of knee high boots because that’s what’s missing from their well-planned closet. I know that your ruffle shirtdress and horse-riding blazer combo is missing a pair of these!

Libra x Round Bags

Libras are ditching the summery straw-bags, but the round bag should make a comeback by easing its way back into their closets. Business in the front, party at the back – Libras have a well-tuned bag collection, and they especially favor a good-sized shoulder satchel that can double up as a clutch! So say “hi” to a structurally round bag this fall that can transition from a day at work to an off-duty evening.

Scorpio x Matrix Cat Eyes

This fall, Scorpios will get tired of a statement-free zone, so they definitely need one of these crazy-cat eyes to spice up their tried-and-trusted staple pieces. Artfully rebellious though sometimes too reliant on the easy-to-style pieces, Scorpios can dominate this unique look with ease.

Sagittarius x Fleecy Fluffy Hats

Sagittarians and hats are inseparable during winters, but it’s always hit-or-miss when they wear hats during other seasons. These whimsical archers will be prepared for the challenge of making fluffy hats a 10/10 finish to their outfits this autumn, and they shouldn’t stop until they perfect it.

Capricorn x Belt Bags

Capricornians always want to go hands-free but retro fanny packs are just not their style. Fret not, this fall’s must-have accessory is destined to belong to Capricorns! We present the belt-bag – a classier, sleeker and simply more refined sister of the fanny pack.

Aquarius x Bold Printed Scarves

Aquarians’ bold and eclectic minds conquer their style choices, and colorful scarves will captivate them like magnets this fall. But there’s a catch! They usually wear scarves everywhere on their bodies but the neck. They especially like popping dashes of summery hues onto their luscious manes.

Pisces x Extra Pointy Footwear

Hopelessly devoted to shoes, Pisceans are getting their Prince Charming in the footwear department this fall. A match-made in heaven with their romantically modern OOTDs, these resolutely pointy shoes are Pisceans’ glass slippers equivalent – a perfect fit!

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