Mamamoo Hwasa’s Sexy & Casual Style

Style Files

I’ve been a fan of Hwasa (her real name’s Ahn Hye-jin) since the K-pop girl group Mamamoo debuted in 2014. My love for the sub-vocalist and lead rapper with her confident demeanor and sexy charm was instantaneous. She struck me as someone who had a unique charisma amongst the sea of talented up-and-coming idols. Particularly popular amongst her international fans, many of her fancam gifs have even gone viral due to her irresistible charm.

Hwasa has a laid-back and casual style with hints of sexy retro chic. She’s often mistaken for the eldest in Mamamoo due to her husky voice and mature appearance, so I dressed this babe in a colorful outfit that truly showcases her vivacious personality.


Striped cami & Denim Skort

Mamamoo’s Hwasa has a minimalist wardrobe but owns a few patterns including stripes. I chose a vibrant crop cami that’s as fun and loud as she is. Pairing the top with a comfortable high-waist denim mini skort perfectly showcases Hwasa’s curves. The bow detail adds a girly touch to an otherwise sexy outfit.


Lips applique mules & Shoulder bag

Hwasa is frequently spotted at the airport wearing mules, which are comfortable travel staples for this gal. A beige base with a sleek shape elongates her legs and the appliqued lips printed on these mules really bring out the top’s red stripes.

Since the outfit is incredibly bright, I picked this shoulder bag with a more muted color to tone it down and add some sophistication to her look. The cute geometric bag tag also adds a fun element to its minimal design.


Lion striped socks & Choker

To match the denim skort’s girly bow embellishment, this string choker with heart tips is a delicate addition to the look. Trendy necklaces is an easy way to bring texture and dimension to any neckline.

This wouldn’t be a complete Hwasa style without lions! With her fierce personality and sultry eyes, it’s easy to see why many moomoos (official Mamamoo fan name) call her Hwa-Lion. She even has a stuffed lion toy! The sock pattern is a great way of adding comfort and color while also matching her striped top.

Which K-pop idol should we style next? Comment below!

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