3 Concept Eyes Velvet Lip Tint Review

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What I have on my desk is the 3 Concept Eyes Velvet Lip Tint in #New Nude – a matte lip tint that claims to be long-lasting while giving lips a velvety smooth texture.

As a bit of a lipstick geek, I have to confess that I’m a total newbie when it comes to lip tints.  Whenever I walk past makeup counters, what first grabs my attention are rows of sleekly packaged lipsticks displayed in tonal chronology. I love my matte lipsticks, but the constant bother of touching up after every meal and having them fade unevenly after every sip of coffee – I’m tempted to see if there are low-maintenance alternatives out there.

About the brand, if you’re into Korean cosmetics, then the name 3 Concept Eyes (or 3CE) should be no stranger. I’ve personally used their Mood Recipe Matte Lip Color ( #220 Hit Me Up) and White Milk Cream before, so this gives me some expectations for this product.

Let’s begin with how it looks. This lip tint is packaged inside a matte container that is meant to be the same color as the product itself. Both the container and box not only look matte, but also feel velvety matte *hint hint*. The container cap has a rubbery texture that achieves the same feel, so before you even use the product you’re already given hints of the experience.  I’m a sucker for anything that feels nice on skin and this unboxing experience really got me excited!

The Test

I was slightly startled by how easy this product glides onto my lips. It doesn’t have that sticky, gooey texture that a lip gloss usually leaves but instead a velvety smooth feeling that definitely lives up to its name. When you twist open the cap, there’s a strong fragrance that resembles shea butter with vanilla notes, but it quickly dissipates so it’s not much of an issue if you dislike that kind of smell.  After checking up on the ingredients, I realize numerous types of flower oils were used, so that clears my query on how the lip tint can feel smooth given its matte quality.

Colorwise, one layer is more than enough to achieve a graduated lip look, since one swipe on the lip already gives you the color indicated on the packaging. But I went ahead with two layers since I wanted a bolder finish. It does get a little clumpy when I apply more than two layers but this is easily fixed when the pigment is blended properly. Being lazy, I just rubbed my inner lips together to blend it out, though using a lip brush or your pinky will offer better control of the outcome.

Left: after 2 layers of lip tint. Right: after blotting with tissue.

The question is “does it stay on?”

To be honest I didn’t expect the lip tint to last like a tattoo, but it did surprise me that even after leaving stains on my coffee cup all morning, the color stayed on my lips really well! Four hours into the day, my lips were still well-pigmented and velvety soft. So there’s really no need to waste the product by reapplying more than once per day, because even after you blot it with tissue, the color remains.

Blot Test

How did it react with my skin? Although it’s a mild case, I suffer from long-term eczema, and most matte lip products tend to make my lips more chapped and wrinkly. Yet the 3CE Velvet Lip Tint definitely changed my perceptions, since it kept the texture on my lips super matte but with a supple finish. Considering that I didn’t prep my lips before putting it on, the results are pretty good!

For those with chronically dry lips, I would recommend prepping your lips with a bit of lip balm beforehand. Although not drying, this lip tint is not particularly hydrating either.

The Verdict

My initial expectation for this product was that it would be very dry in order to achieve a matte finish. To find out that it was actually non-drying was like icing on a cupcake! The color I have on is a nude hue with pink notes, which usually complements a pale complexion with cold undertones. Since my skin tone is warm with yellow undertones, the color came out as more peachy. Originally, I’d imagined this to come out paler with an ivory hint, but the results turned out to suit my complexion which is better than I imagined.

Overall I’m a happy bunny and would recommend this lip tint wholeheartedly if 1) you find reapplying lipstick too troublesome, or 2) normal matte lip products are too drying for your skin type.

Let’s not forget that the Velvet Lip Tint also comes in 9 other totally wearable shades. Maybe it’s worth me investing in another one since I’m hooked already!

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