Etude House – Dear Darling Water Gel Tint (RD307 Watermelon Red) Review

The YesStyle Beauty Lab

Now that we’ve entered the “ber” months, let me hold onto the last vestiges of warmer weather with the summery Dear Darling Tint by Etude House in Watermelon Red. I’ve sworn off lip tints since the few that I’ve tried were incredibly drying. Luckily most formulas now boast moisturizing and long-lasting properties.

The cute popsicle packaging is one of the reasons I wanted to try this lip tint. What can I say – I’m a sucker for cute design! Like other Etude House products, this lip tint makes a cute addition to your vanity. Embossed on the “popsicle stick” is Etude House’s logo. It sticks out from the vibrant box packaging which adds a fun touch.

Upon twisting the handle, the sweet fragrance is immediately noticeable. I just wanted to lick my lips the entire time I was applying the tint because of its sweet and fruity smell! For those who aren’t fans of fragrance in your products, don’t worry as the scent dissipates over time.

The applicator makes it easy to apply the tint but I opted to use my fingers instead to spread it out for a more gradient look. It did feel a bit sticky at first but that feeling disappeared once it dried.

Left to right: gradient and full coverage

After drying, the watery (it’s called Watermelon Red, after all) and highly pigmented formula leaves a very lightweight feeling. It lasted all through lunch and the rest of the day. I was drinking a lot of water and yet, it didn’t smudge off my lips.

I’ve been wearing this ever since I got it. I’m obsessed! My lips feel moisturized throughout the day, even when I forget to wear lip balm. The best part is that the tint feels so light and doesn’t feel sticky. It even gave me super smooth lips!

Mark Twain once said “when one has tasted watermelon, he knows what the angels eat,” and I now know the big commotion behind this Etude House lip tint! After trying (and tasting) the tint, this has become a staple in my everyday makeup routine. It’s also a must-have for all watermelon lovers!

If you already have a clear lip outline like I do but want to go for a clean gradient look, I suggest you use a lip base to even out your lips first. This will ensure an even more vibrant and long-lasting color.