5 Beauty Swaps to Make for Fall

The YesStyle Beauty Lab

It feels like yesterday that summer started and now it’s nothing but memories. Fall is just two weeks away – September 23 to be exact. It’s time to say goodbye to clear blue skies and let your skin take a break from all those beach tanning sessions.

(Although, if you’re living in Hong Kong like me, it felt like summer only lasted a week since it rained almost every day – a total bummer for a beachgoer like me.)

Like with your outfits, you need to transition your beauty products according to the season. If you think you can use the same products all year round, think again. You don’t have to completely swap everything out – just a few key items will do. For instance, you may want to switch from a light moisturizer to a thicker one, mainly for hydration. Or change up your light eye and lip makeup to experiment with bolder and more dramatic looks.

Check out these 5 beauty swaps that you should consider adding to your fall collection:

Swap #1

Dry, chapped, cracked – these are words we all dread to hear. Swap your matte lipstick for some lip balm. You can use it all year round but it’s really your best friend come fall and winter. Before heading out the door, be sure to lather up some (or add extra) lip balm. My tip is to never leave home without it as it’s important to reapply throughout the day to keep lips constantly hydrated. My Lip Balm from Innisfree comes in a cute tube that can fit in your makeup bag wherever you go so there’s no excuse to leave it behind!

My Lip Balm is formulated with tea complex that offers lips much-needed moisture without creating a greasy barrier. It leaves behind a subtle hint of color and you can choose from 11 shades. 1 is clear, 2 and 3 have soft pink hues, and 4 through 11 offer a more opaque finish. Quick hack: dab it on your cheeks to add a natural and dewy flush.

Swap #2

Another staple to have in your bag is hand cream. Instead of light lotions, go for creams, preferably with shea butter to combat dryness. Shea butter is a type of fat that’s extracted from the nut of Vitellaria paradoxa, commonly known as an African shea tree. It’s also considered a skin superfood and is especially beneficial during the colder months since it has a rich consistency that keeps skin incredibly nourished.

Skinfood’s Shea Butter Perfumed Hand Cream offers a variety of 10 fruit and food-inspired scents to keep those hands moisturized. Take your pick!

Swap #3

Sleeping packs are optional and may be a bit much for summer but they’re definitely a necessity for fall. As we ease into cooler temperatures, our skin will slowly crave something more hydrating, and what better to add to our skin care routine than a sleeping mask? Swap out your light moisturizer with a heavier cream. Then for the last step of your night regimen, massage a sleeping mask onto your skin to lock everything in. What makes using it during fall even better is the added hydration. Let it do its magic overnight and wake up to incredibly smooth and plump skin!

Also, how can you resist the adorable packaging of Tony Moly’s Panda Dream White Sleeping Pack?

Swap #4

When autumn leaves start to fall, that’s your cue to put your summer makeup away and update your look with products that suit the new season. Blush in coral or pink shades is great but fall is all about rich tones. Natural is always in so you can go for softer and lighter hues for a natural flush. But switching to deeper tones will give your complexion that extra warmth and color depth it needs, especially in the absence of summer.  You can achieve the perfect warm fall or winter look with The Saem’s Saemmul Single Blusher in shades of wild plum or dry rose.

Swap #5

We’ve covered skin care and makeup but let’s not forget our hair! Spending too much time in the sun can wreak havoc on your hair and leave it feeling dry and rough by the end of summer. Take the next few months to give it a break and treat it with products like the Silk Scarf Moist Hair Mist from Etude House. It’s enriched with oil complex to enhance your hair’s shine as well as provide moisture. Summer may be about sea salt sprays for getting that effortless beach waves hairstyle, but it’s time to ditch those. Dehydration is the main culprit for dry and lifeless hair so use hair mists to keep your locks nourished throughout the season.

Trading in your summer beauty items may not be easy, especially with all the fun colors and shimmer you can play with, but a little makeover never hurt anyone, right?  All you need to remember is hydration – it’s the key to keeping your skin in tip-top condition throughout fall. Are you ready to make the switch?