Must Try Lip Trends

Quite a few lip trends have been introduced so far this year, and it’s only August! From bold to natural lip tints and lipsticks, here are the best lip products representing each trend. Try them all out and, who knows, you could become a lipstick queen!

1. Bright and Daring

Vivid red lipsticks have been on trend in South Korea for a while and they’re still going strong! The color is hot, sexy and definitely eye-catching. Highly tinted and matte, 3 Concept Eyes’ Red Recipe Lip colors will help you achieve a well-defined pout. This is a versatile color that you can pull off all year long!

2. Peach, Coral and Apricot

Peach, coral or is it apricot? These hues are somewhere in the orange spectrum and we’re not sure which is which, either. All we know is the color is everywhere – on lids and cheeks and now on lips. Its summery color is really unique and if you’re looking to take that teeny-tiny bold step, I suggest you start off with this Nude Coral Creamy Lip Tint from MACQUEEN. Its formula can even be used as a blush: Simply blend some tint on your cheeks for a matching look!

3. Gradient

If you’re a K-pop addict like me then you might have noticed the gradient lips that idols have been rocking for a while now. Peripera’s Sugar Glow Tint is offered in a variety of fun colors but my favorite is Cherry Pie Filling. Simply dab some tint on the center of your lips and use your fingertips or a brush to gently blend the formula towards the edges.

4. Smudged

I feel like smudged lipstick should be a go-to look for every gal. The after-make-out vibe is really sexy and easy to replicate. A lipstick with a soft texture is recommended so you can easily smudge it out with your fingertips. Clio’s Rouge Heel Velvet has a great texture and many colors to choose from. This is a perfect color for fall and to wear during the colder months.

5. Lip gloss


Clear lip gloss is amazing and makes your lips look so moisturized and shiny! Lil Mama would be proud that “lip gloss is cool” again. Make your lips be poppin’ with The Saem’s Saemmul Serum Lip Gloss. It can be worn alone or on top of any of your favorite shades from above! The Saem has a multitude of shades but from the Saemmul Serum Lip Gloss, I prefer using the colorless one.

No matter how moisturizing these lip tints and lipsticks are, remember to exfoliate at least 2-3 times a week AND always use lip balm! Keep those smoochers smooth and hydrated.

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