10 Wedding Guest Styles That You Can Wear Again Every Day

10 re-wearable wedding guest styles 2018

Not that you can put a price on happiness, but let’s be honest: Being a wedding guest can be pricey, from the travels and gifting to new outfits. Also, there are so many types of weddings! There’s the casual cocktail wedding, dreamy beach ceremony and fancy black-tie nuptial, to name a few. Knowing what is appropriate to wear to a wedding (Those dress codes!) is a lot of work already, and finding those things in your closet is yet another thing.

To ease your pain, here are a few outfit choices for your next wedding affair, picked with everyday wear in mind. We’re all for stretching a dollar while staying stylish, no matter the occasion!

1. Embroidered Maxi Dress from MyFiona10 re-wearable wedding guest styles 2018

This breezy maxi gown is for attending a wedding somewhere balmy. It’s ideal for a beach or outdoor wedding, especially if you’re not into bright florals. The contrasting embroidery sends just the right vibes for the occasion so you can get away with wearing just white. There’s also a sky blue option for good measure.

2. Monochrome Lace Dress with Ruffles from DABAGIRL10 re-wearable wedding guest styles 2018

This sheer dress creates the illusion of more curves with ruffles and elaborate lace. Combining a monochrome palette and a slim fit, it manages to be intricate, classic and elegant at the same time. It’s one versatile outfit I plan to wear on future dates or to dressy weddings.

3. Patterned Crop Sweater from DRESSNALDA10 re-wearable wedding guest styles 2018

If the event you’re attending follows a more casual dress code, try this sleek crop sweater with a pair of high-waist pants or skirt. The vibrant color and scallop print are so fun, and the ribbed hem is perfect for nipping your waist.

4. Printed Wide-Leg Pants from LIPHOP10 re-wearable wedding guest styles 2018

Think picking a wedding outfit is even harder when you decide against wearing a dress? Think again. A sleek pair of wide-leg pants can make things much easier. This floor-sweeping printed pair is a stunning choice for weddings, ideally paired with the aforementioned crop knit. I can’t decide which part I like best – is it the striking print, or the ethereal silhouette?

5. Chevron Print Midi Dress from PPGIRL10 re-wearable wedding guest styles 2018

The answer to the perfect wedding look might come in the form of a boldly colorful dress, one that wins with a swishy midi skirt. If you’re headed somewhere warm, this off-the-shoulder darling works well, especially when paired with nude sandals. Not to mention it can be worn to nearly any occasion, from a wedding to brunches to fun nights out.

6. Navy Short Suit from DABAGIRL10 re-wearable wedding guest styles 2018

Sauntering into a wedding in a menswear-inspired short suit is about as stylish and nonchalant as you can get. The curve-flattering fit and sleek high-waist shorts lessen the formality of this suit just right. Team with beachy hair, statement jewelry and mauve-pink lipstick for low-key brilliance. There you have it, the perfect “power look.”

7. Rattan Drop Earrings from mimi&didi10 re-wearable wedding guest styles 2018

Do you sometimes feel there’s still one final touch missing before you leave the house? The missing piece could be a pair of statement-making drop earrings. Combining a marble piece with a rattan ball, these earrings are that loud-but-not-too-loud extra that’ll spice up any floor-length gown. They’re also perfect for everyday wear.

8. Raffia Clutch from 17410 re-wearable wedding guest styles 2018

Tiny clutches are a pain to carry, no matter how cute they are. That’s why I always stick to hands-free ones like this semi-circle raffia bag. It’s obviously made for nuptials in tropical locations, and great for tempering boxy pantsuits too. It’s so cute that I’d like to display it on a bookcase when not in use.

9. Strappy Block Heels from chuu10 re-wearable wedding guest styles 2018

I’ll get real about heels here and admit that I’ve been avoiding them all season, opting for fresh white sneakers instead. But it’s time I switch things up for big days. These block heels impress with their wooden heels and skinny straps that exude effortless polished appeal. What’s more, they’re comfortable! I can’t think of a dressy or semi-dressy outfit that these slick heels won’t look cute with.

10. Floral Embroidered Mules from Megan10 re-wearable wedding guest styles 2018

Talk about florals you can wear all year round! A stylish pair that’s also comfortable to wear, these colorful mules make dancing at a wedding (or date nights, commuting, etc.) so much easier. Not only are they an effortless and pretty option to complement dressy outfits, but will also match everything in your closet while keeping your feet comfy!

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