3 Concept Eyes Heart Pot Lip Review

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I’ve been obsessed with lipsticks ever since I started learning about makeup. Whether I’m walking into a store or browsing products online, I always find myself starting with a brand’s lip products before moving on to the rest of their collection. There’s just something about lipsticks that make them so alluring.

There are endless color possibilities, so how do you ever just pick one? I’ve tried my fair share of different lip products over the years, from lip glosses and lip tints to matte, satin and liquid lipsticks in various shades. Thanks to my curiosity and never-ending experiments, I now know the perfect shades that complement my skin tone.

Let’s get right to it: I’m reviewing the Heart Pot Lip from 3 Concept Eyes, a South Korean cosmetics brand that carries trendy, innovative makeup that speaks to the modern urban woman. The Heart Pot Lip is available in five different shades: tinted pink, coral, maroon beige, woody rose and brick red. It comes in a heart-shaped case, hence the name, and in compact packaging with a built-in mirror. It’s also small and light enough to fit in your everyday makeup bag so extra points for that!

I tried the color woody rose, which is described as a sweet yet modest dry rose hue. These Heart Pots contain hydrating and nourishing fruit oils so you don’t have to worry about your lips drying out. This definitely lured me in as most of the lipsticks I own are matte, which tends to leave my lips feeling dry by end of day. And having chapped lips is obviously not a good look. Since the Heart Pot Lip is made with fruit oils, I’d suggest keeping it away from direct sunlight and storing it in a cool place to prevent melting.

The pot doesn’t come with an applicator but you can apply the color with your finger, or you can opt for a lip brush. If you go with the former method, my tip is to use your ring finger as it’s the weakest finger and you won’t end up putting too much pressure on your lips – especially if you’re going for a more subtle look.

Before and after applying

The consistency is smooth and has a semi-opaque pigmentation, depending on how many layers you apply. For a more natural look, start by applying it at the center of your lips and blend it out. For the gals who prefer to “go bold or go home,” this is buildable so feel free to add those layers.

Initially, I expected the lip color to look oily and feel sticky since it’s oil-based but this isn’t the case thankfully! I have quite pigmented lips already so I had to apply at least three layers for the color to really show. It has a dewy finish with a bit of a sheen which looks nice and natural. I like how light it feels on the lips and the shade is perfect for everyday wear. After wearing it all day, the lip tint stay put so I’d say it’s pretty long-lasting, and the best part was my lips didn’t feel dry.

Overall, this is certainly a great addition to my lipstick collection and maybe yours too!

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