6 Latest Fall Fashion Trends to Look Out For

As fall quickly approaches, it’s time to take a look at your closet and stash away summer clothes to make room for blouses, light knits and jackets. This season, we’ll see a huge revival of the ’80s with big shoulders, menswear-inspired jackets and croc grain, coupled with cheerful earth tones and colorful plaids. The most unexpected, however, is the rise of spandex biker shorts. Let’s go through these trends one by one!

1. The Color Rust

Even though Ultra Violet is Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year, its status is challenged by muted orange. With fall coming, people are beginning to crave warm earth tones like rosewood, cinnamon, rust, tangerine and mustard yellow. Rust is a dark orange color resembling iron oxide. When incorporated in your outfit with the colors burgundy and brown, it can create a very romantic and autumnal look.

2. Colorful Plaids

Colorful plaids and animals prints are both going to be a hit this fall. Look out for plaids in primary colors (blue, red and yellow) and pair them with something black to create a contrast. You can even go for mixed prints if you dare!

3. Croc Grain

You don’t actually need to kill a crocodile – faux croc grain is good enough. Give your #OOTD an upscale makeover by adding a croc grain belt, bag or loafers. Even croc grain accessories such as a wallet or watch will do! Apart from the typical colors like brown or black, you can also pick out brighter and more refreshing colors like pink and lime. One more tip: the glossier, the better!

4. Grandpa Blazer

We still love suit jackets! The only difference this fall is that these jackets are now oversized, sometimes even with drop or padded shoulders to pay tribute to the ‘80s. Choose one made from oatmeal-colored linen or in black-and-white houndstooth to up both its retro and autumnal appeal.

5. Biker Shorts

Following anoraks, biker shorts have become the next IT item to come under the spotlight as part of the performance wear trend. The term “biker short outfits” has gained a 764% year-on-year increase in Pinterest’s saves and searches this year. The late Princess Diana was often seen pairing them with logo sweatshirts and dad sneakers when she went out for workouts. Try taking them to the next level with grandpa blazers, half-tucked blouses or tonal black separates.

6. Two-Tone Boots

It’s hard to lock down a single boot trend this fall. Hiking, combat or Western – each one of them serves its own purpose. However, if I could only choose one style, it’d most likely be two or three-toned boots, just to spice things up a bit.

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