Style Files: BlackPink’s Lisa

We often see K-pop stars fashionably dressed onstage and in music videos, but some are known for their style offstage as well. Have you ever come across an outfit and thought to yourself, “This is something that they would definitely wear”?

Style Files

Well I have, and I’ve decided to show you my thoughts in illustrated form! In each Style Files I’ll be choosing one of my favorite stylish idols to play dress up with. Feel free to send me suggestions of what you’d like your favorite idols to wear!

Lalisa or Pranpriya Manoban, simply known as Lisa, is the main dancer and lead rapper of girl group called BlackPink. I’ve stanned for this Thai princess ever since her debut because both her onstage and offstage personalities couldn’t be more different! She’s incredibly cool but in front of Blinks (the official fandom name for BlackPink) and her unnies, she’s a cute maknae who we’d just love to hug! I’ve chosen to style Lisa because despite her slaying outfits that are on trend, her looks showcase her fun, bubbly and lovable personality.

This rapper channels a girl-crush vibe on stage during BlackPink’s stage performances and music videos but she shows off her soft and sweet personality on Instagram. Blinks can’t get enough of her sexy and casual offstage streetwear style and neither can I!

Fun and Stylish

Off-shoulder blouse & Denim Shorts

Lisa loves to wear loose-fitting pieces during her downtime but I’ve added sexy elements because she’s foxy. I’ve chosen a comfortable off-shoulder shirt for Lisa that’s tucked into a pair of casual denim shorts. This pinstripe shirt is perfect for her because it’s quite formal but the strap and buckle detailing make it look really cool. When I first saw it, I imagined Lisa wearing it right away!

Mosaic Sunglasses

Um…no explanation needed! As the first non-Korean idol in YG, we already know she’s a major baus. These super fun meme sunglasses are perfect for our meme queen. They’re available in square frames and trendy mini sleek versions as well.

Cat Print Sneakers

If you follow Lisa on social media then you might have fallen in love with her adorable kitty! Sneakers are comfortable after spending hours dancing in heels and the little kitty graphics printed on these shoes remind me of her kitten, Leo. As a pet owner, I bet she would love to have a cute reminder of her furry friend with her everywhere she goes.

Oversized Grommet Hole Belt

Pink is a color I often see on Lisa’s Instagram feed (yes, I scroll through it a hundred times a day) so I’m using it for that much needed pop of color in this outfit. Together, the pink shoes and belt create a girly maknae touch. This belt has metallic eyelets like the top so it really pulls the whole look together.

Which K-pop idol should we style next? Comment below!

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