Tapping into the PVC Trend

Feeling embarrassed about wearing a raincoat to work? You don’t have to worry anymore!

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a glossy, non-stretchy material frequently used in raincoats and rain boots. The eye-catching textile gives off a retro-futuristic look, plus it’s waterproof.

Although vinyl clothing is not new, its resurgence began with Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Set against a backdrop of waterfalls and cliffs inspired by the Vendon Gorge in Southern France, the catwalk showcased wide-brimmed hats, ponchos and knee-high boots made of transparent PVC. It wasn’t long before the trend hit the streets, with shoes and bags taking dominance.

1. Miu Miu | 2, 3. Chanel | 4. Calvin Klein | 5. Kendall + Kylie | 6,9. Yeezy | 7. Christian Louboutin | 8. SHEIN
Images: Popsugar, Vogue

The easiest way to master this trend is with a statement piece, which can be matched with color-block, matte or sheer garments. Let’s brave the rain in style!


A bag is a baby step to pulling off the PVC look. If you’re uncomfortable with exposing all of your belongings, get a bag with clear panels instead of one that’s fully transparent. You can also get one with an iridescent coating so the interior is less visible. An even better choice is a transparent bag with an opaque inner pouch so you can use both together or separately. Totes are common but do give belt bags a try!


Instead of rain boots, how about a pair of PVC peep-toe sandals with contrast piping? They definitely look more chic and less restrictive. The barely-there construction makes you feel like Cinderella in her magical glass slippers. Opt for a pair with acrylic heels to make it look like you’re walking on air.


Even easier to style than PVC shoes, these belts are available in transparent, iridescent or black, and come plain, printed or with buckles in all different shapes. Match with acrylic accessories and keep the rest of your outfit matte for textural play.


Go back to basics and get a PVC raincoat! Style it with a belt so you won’t look shapeless. Don’t forget to get a matching raincoat for your pet too. This contrast-piping raincoat will keep your canine friend dry, stylish and happy.

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