Nikki’s Inbox: “How Do I Look Cute in Pants and Jeans?”

Hi Nikki! I’ve recently started reading your responses to questions from readers and I thought: “Why not?”

I’m a 15-year old girl who’s 164cm tall, top-heavy with rather broad shoulders (40cm). I really like the cute but edgy style so brands like chuu and icecream12 are my favorites. The thing is, I really like skirts and they play a very important role in the cute style, but I have quite thick ankles, calves and a lot of my weight is in my thighs. (I do have quite a small waist and flat stomach in comparison to my legs.) Because of this, I don’t dare to wear skirts, but I still want to look cute. So here’s my question: How do I look cute in pants/jeans? I hope to hear from you soon! Thank you so much!

Lys, 15/Belgium

Thanks for writing to me, Lys! I’m happy to know that you don’t want to limit yourself to thinking that looking cute only means wearing skirts. Take a look at my suggestions and see if there’s anything that will work for you!

Loose and Easy: Wide-Leg Pants and Jogger Pants

I’m so happy that jogger pants are back on the menu while it’s summer! Wide-legged and jogger pants have slightly different silhouettes but both channel casual cool. If you want a street-style OOTD, pair your jogger pants with a fitted tank top or cropped T-shirt to complement the tapered fit. You can even layer a mesh top for some textural interest.

On the other hand, wide-leg pants have a flowing silhouette that make for a great day-to-night option. Wear it with a colored tank top or printed tee with sneakers or flip-flops during the day. Switch to espadrille wedges and an embellished camisole or blouse if you’re going somewhere special.

Look Playful: Jumper Pants

Just like wide-leg pants, jumper pants are making a comeback because of their versatility. Aside from the classic denim fabrication, these pieces also come in different cuts and fabrics that make them so wearable for any season! Depending on the silhouette, fabric and base layer, you can look cute and girly, or edgy and bold. Choose a classic patterned piece like a sailor-striped T-shirt or floral blouse, or stand out by choosing a smocked off-shoulder top that shows off sun-kissed shoulders. Play with the straps of your jumper pants by going for a one-shoulder look, or cinching a bright belt at the waist if the pants have belt loops.

Show Your Shape: Midis and A-Lines

I’m glad you mentioned that you have a slim waist, Lys, because that gives us something to emphasize! You can still wear skirts and dresses — just choose midi or maxi lengths which can go from below the knee to ankle-length. You don’t have to worry too much about your legs.

A midi- or maxi-length skirt with an A-line silhouette is definitely the best choice for you, even if you’re petite. Because of its classic A-shape, the skirt can highlight your narrow waist while balancing your broad shoulders and bust. You can even pick styles to show off your flat tummy, like yoked skirts or lace-up skirts, or feature a column of buttons for vertical emphasis.

With dresses, choose versions that have darts under the bust or even a smocked bodice. These create a more structured look for your upper body, and make it look more shapely. A sweetheart neckline or the trendy square neckline is a great way to show off your neck and decollétage without exposing too much skin. It goes without saying that patterns or prints set the mood. It can be anything from tropical leaf prints in cool green, bold and saturated tones like aquamarine or neon pink, or soft pastels like lilac or butter yellow.


With all these suggestions, Lys, I hope you become more confident about your body. Don’t fret too much because your body will still change, and so will your personal preferences! Look ahead and just make sure you have fun.

Speaking of change, this post marks the end of Ask Nikki at YesStyle. Time to take a really long holiday! It’s been wonderful getting to know all of you from all over the world, and an honor to have had your confidence and trust. Thanks and goodbye.

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