Nikki’s Inbox: A Stylish Scottish Lass for Summer

Hey Nikki. I’m 17 and live in the Highlands of Scotland and always struggle when it comes to clothing. The weather is rarely above 15°C in summer where I live and has an average of 5°C in winter. My main problem is that when I wrap up warm, I find myself overheating and starting to sweat, but if I remove a layer, I start to become cold. I don’t really have a style when it comes to clothing I usually wear leggings and hoodies for comfort but want to start looking more stylish. I’m 5’8 (174cm), weigh 140 lbs., and have a slim waist but 36D bust (UK) and large hips. Do you have any recommendations for what to wear all year round in a fairly cold climate?

Rhona, 17/United Kingdom

I feel rather envious of your 15°C summers right now, Rhona. That would be a nice change from the heat wave we get here in Hong Kong this time of the year. However, since you said you get cold or too warm easily, maybe you’re not wearing the right layers? Please tell me that you wear appropriate clothing during winter time, and not just hoodies and leggings.

Layer Correctly

For summer, you don’t have to bring out heavy-duty woolies and the like. Summer means lighter layers that you can easily wear or remove if you feel hot or you’re indoors. Instead of wearing heavy hooded pullovers, opt for zip-front hoodies so you can easily take them off, and just tie them at the waist for extra cool points.

Layering also involves playing with varied lengths and textures to add depth to your outfit. Since you’re tall, you can definitely use this trick to your advantage by making sure your upper layers are of different lengths. Try a classic long-sleeved shirt (roll up the sleeves to make it look more casual) under a zip-front hoodie. Top it off with a sleeveless long blazer or buttoned vest about the same length or slightly longer.

The Right Leggings & Pants

If you want to keep wearing leggings, then please make sure you wear the right ones. Add some fleece-lined versions to your wardrobe, or opt for fleece-lined skinny jeans instead. I’m happy to tell you that YesStyle has all of those options available! We also have versions with inset mini skirts or shorts that are so easy to style up or down. Bonus points because they make your legs look miles longer, especially when paired with boots.

I suggest you also consider jogger pants. They’re back on the radar for summer, and the epitome of the athleisure trend. The silhouette tapers toward the ankles, and finishes in elasticized cuffs which means it does a better job of keeping in your body heat. Choose a high-waist version to complement your figure.

Versatile Long Sleeves

I have a thing for three-quarter and long sleeves simply because they’re more flexible than short ones. With longer sleeves, you can just roll them up to the elbow or even above, and voila, instantly chic! Go for pretty patterned blouses and shirts, printed tees or henleys of all colors as perfect base layers. You can layer them under a hooded jacket, a casual blazer, or wear the henleys and tees under the shirts. Half-tuck them into pants, jeans or shorts, or fully tuck them into high-waist skirts to make sure your slim waist is seen!

Lightweight Knits & Dresses

Yes, you can wear knits even in summer! Choose fine knits instead of heavier ones that drape over your curvy hourglass shape! Instead of higher necklines such as turtlenecks, go for mock-necks or even rounded necklines instead to make it look more season-appropriate. For a more casual yet refined style, I recommend knee-length polo dresses or even shirtdresses for you. This shows off your height to your advantage, plus you can wear a belt to emphasize your figure! Wear fleece-lined nude or patterned tights underneath for added warmth, and finish with cute lace socks and high tops or even loafers. Top with a distressed denim jacket with a detachable hood, or a cute plaid cardigan.

Your choice of accessories and textures adds seasonal flavor to your outfits. Even though you’re in the Highlands, you can still rock nautical stripes for your scarves and tops, florals for your blouses, cute animal prints for your tees, and even pastels and saturated tones for your outerwear. Add a candy-colored baseball cap or a beret.

Here’s to a warmer, stylish you!

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