HyunA, Korea’s Sexy Icon

There’s no doubt that Kim Hyun Ah is one of South Korea’s sexiest idols. Better known by the mononym Hyuna, stylized as HyunA, the 26-year-old performer is famous for her steamy hot looks and dance moves. For those unfamiliar with K-pop, she is the ginger-haired sexy lady in PSY’s Gangnam Style music video.

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HyunA in Wonder Girl’s 2007 debut performance

HyunA in PSY’s “Gangnam Style” (2012)

HyunA started dancing at the age of nine. She made her debut as a rapper in the JYP Entertainment’s girl group Wonder Girls. In 2008, she joined Cube Entertainment, which placed her into another girl group called 4Minute before it disbanded in 2016. Afterwards, HyunA became a member of Trouble Maker with Jang Hyun Seung from BEAST, and then Triple H along with members from PENTAGON. She has also been working as a solo artist since 2010.

What makes HyunA special is that she’s unafraid of being sexy. Her revealing outfits, hip-swinging dance moves, and suggestive music videos for songs like Red, Roll Deep and Lip & Hip make her stand out as a Korean bombshell. In fact, many of her MVs have stirred controversy for having explicit content.

HyunA’s style has changed from sporty to more feminine and seductive over the years.

From edgy school uniforms in Wonder Girls to colorful outfits in 4Minute to later, more sophisticated bodycon looks, HyunA’s style has consistently evolved. However, if there’s one element that’s kept her on top, it’s the borrowed-from-the-nineties hip-hop style. On her Instagram account, HyunA can often be seen with red lips, bra tops, high-waist shorts and shiny accessories. Though always seductive on stage, she can also pull off oversized hoodies and little white dresses in variety shows and when she’s off-duty. Here are some of the sexy and playful styles she has mastered:

Matte Red Lips

HyunA prefers MAC lipsticks, but you can recreate a similar matte red pout with 3 CONCEPT EYES’s Red Recipe Matte Lip Color. Match the lipstick with colored contact lenses, smoky but clean eye makeup, messy long hair (which HyunA sometimes secures with a bandanna), and the signature beauty mark under her left eye. She particularly looks good in crimson eyeshadow.

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Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are essential for anyone who’s into hip-hop fashion, and HyunA is no exception. She often wears large, thin, rhinestone-encrusted hoops on stage, and smaller, thicker, sometimes scalloped ones off work. Layered cross pendant necklaces, chains and Chanel costume jewelry are some of her favorites as well.

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The K-pop idol likes wearing V-neck bralettes often to show off her enviable body. These are occasionally paired with jackets, including suit jackets and bomber styles in denim and leather to add structure and dimension. Remember, the key to looking sexy is to show skin only partially!

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Leopard Print

When you can’t reveal too much skin but still want to feel sexy, a little leopard print always helps. In addition to this bold pattern, HyunA sometimes throws in florals, gingham, plaids, stripes and camo for a more vibrant look.

High-Waist Shorts

Why does HyunA like wearing high-waist shorts so much? The answer is simple: They make her waist look higher and slimmer, resulting in seemingly longer legs and an hourglass figure. Her hips are a big asset, and high-waist shorts help emphasize them. A belt is sometimes added to focus on her waist.

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HyunA’s first and most prominent tattoo is on her left shoulder and says “My mother is the heart that keeps me alive.” There are also Hebrew and Latin inscriptions as well as little crosses, smileys, stars and hearts on her body.

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