CELLBN CELLXV Real Kelp Mask Set 5pcs Review

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When summer arrives, I tend to look for products that can soothe skin and prevent oiliness. CELLBN’s CELLXV Real Kelp Mask came to my attention because I’ve never tried a kelp mask before. It does not disappoint!

Kelp is the largest and most nutritious of all seaweeds.
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What is Kelp?


Kelp is a brown algae that comprises the order Laminariales, and is the largest and most nutritious of all seaweeds. Some kelps can grow as fast as half a meter a day. Being abundant in the ocean, kelp plays a vital role in the ecosystem. Kelp forests are the habitat for marine life such as abalone, sea urchins, mussels and fish.

Kelp is used in many Korean, Japanese and Chinese cuisines.
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The Beauty Benefits of Kelp


Rich in iodine, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, these slimy plants offer powerful skin benefits:

Exfoliation: Kelp absorbs excess fluids, dead cells and toxins from skin, leaving it smoother and more even-toned. Its Vitamins A and C content also help regulate sebum production.
Hydration: Alginate and essential fatty acids in kelp replenish and retain moisture.
Healing: The amino acids present in kelp promote tissue repair.
Anti-Inflammatory: Kelp reduces the pooling of blood under skin, minimizing redness caused by acne and rosacea.
Anti-Aging: A polysaccharide known as fucoidan is found in this plant, which helps brighten and firm skin by boosting cell regeneration.

Doesn’t it look like a packed meal?

CELLBN’s CELLXV Real Kelp Mask


The CELLXV Real Kelp Mask does more than actual kelp since it contains extracts from aloe, honey, berry, witch hazel, plankton, ginseng and more. Here’s the full list:

These photos from CELLBN explain how the kelp masks are made.

I have the set which includes five individually-packaged masks. They’re packaged in a plastic “lunch box” – very much like a dosirak (Korean word for packed lunch). The best part is that the package includes a warning “Please don’t eat sea kelp.” Next to it though is a label that says “5 kcal x 5.” Could this be any more confusing? Do I have to know how many calories it has if I’m only putting it on my face? I wouldn’t think of eating it if not for the dosirak packaging and the calorie label.

Readers, I assure you that sea kelp is edible, but do not eat this mask. It does have to be kept in the fridge, but please don’t mix it with your food. 😀

The mask is divided into halves that unfortunately drip. My first attempt to unfold the mask was a total mess. I ripped the upper half into 4 pieces, and a slimy and transparent mucilage layer fell off. In the end, I could only try to cover my face with the torn pieces. I seriously recommend you to handle the masks very gently, and on top of a clean surface just in case they slip off. Treat the mask like contact lenses – it’s that fragile.

During my second attempt, I gingerly unfolded the masks and finally managed to place them on my face. I used the inner matte layer (the side that sticks together when folded) on my skin. It adheres well and fits like a second skin. Both essence and mask are not sticky, and the chilled masks are scented and extra soothing. I strongly recommend using them after a day in the sun.

Place the upper half on your face, followed by the lower half. Place the upper part a litter higher so it can still cover your eye bags even when it slips or shrinks. Do it carefully as it can be hard to adjust the position once it adheres to skin.

Two hours after application. The chin area dried up first, which probably means it’s the driest area of my face.

The masks shrunk and became significantly thinner after 2 hours. However I don’t recommend you to wait that long since the masks can tug at skin when completely dry.

I removed the masks after 2 hours, longer than the suggested 30-45 minutes, for most areas to finally dry up. Unlike most skin care products, whose effects are only evident after prolonged use, this one has immediate, visible results. The most obvious was that the rosacea-induced redness on my skin faded, and my complexion became more soft, smooth and supple.

There was still plenty of essence left, which I used on my neck, arms and legs.

The mask is a bit pricey at US$26.90 per pack, or US$5.38 per piece. Individual sheets are sold for US$5.90. I’ll probably use it as an emergency mask once I detect any upcoming breakouts or flare-ups. With its superb soothing and purifying powers, it’s certainly worth every penny.

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