Cherry Blossom Beauty Products to Get You in the Mood for Spring

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It’s cherry blossom season! Here in Hong Kong where cherry blossoms are scarce, the only way we can celebrate is with sakura-inspired food and products. When you aren’t surrounded by massive cherry blossom trees, I guess that’s the easiest way to get into a romantic springtime mood.

However, cherry blossom fragrances and lotions always make me wonder if cherry blossoms actually have a scent. Some beauty products even contain cherry blossom extracts, but are cherry blossoms more of a feel-good ingredient than a truly effective one? Let’s find out!

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Do cherry blossoms have a scent?

According to this article from New York-based fragrance company Nomaterra Fragrances, only a few varieties of cherry blossoms give off a scent, and their petals cannot be turned into essential oils. The scent has “very faint and sheer lilac and rose qualities, accented with creamy vanilla and soft, almond-like aromas.” The article explains that perfumers use aromachemcials like linalool and terpineol to recreate that scent.

Japanese cherry blossoms have the scientific name Prunus serrulata. Different from cherry-producing Prunus avium or Prunus cerasus, most cherry blossoms are ornamental and do not bear fruit. These cherry blossoms are usually reproduced through propagation. This explains why their flowers are unscented: No need to attract insects for pollination.


What skin benefits do cherry blossoms have?

This report from Japan’s Oryza Oil & Fat Chemical Co., Ltd. explains in detail how cherry blossom extracts have whitening, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits. The company identified caffeoyl glucose (1-caffeoyl-O-β-D-glucopyranoside) and quercetin glucose (quercetin-3-O-β-D-glucopyranoside) as the major functional components of cherry blossom extracts. Experiments and clinical trials conducted by the company prove that the extracts can help inhibit melanin formation, reduce redness and promote collagen production, while also preventing moisture loss, pore enlargement and roughness. Cherry blossoms extracts are also chemically stable and non-irritating. The company recommends using the extracts in sunscreens, toners, lotions, body gels, shampoos, conditioners and bath salts.

Now that you know more about the benefits of cherry blossoms, it’s time to enjoy them!

Products with Cherry Blossom Extracts:

<>Holika Holika’s Cherry Blossom Body Lotion contains cherry blossom extract rich in flavonoids to prevent degradation of the elastin and hyaluronic acid in skin. <>CORINGCO’s Cherry Blossom Water BB Cushion is enriched with 36% cherry blossom extract to soothe skin. Halal brand <>Sakura Kokoro’s Beauty Essence contains extracts from both the flowers and leaves of cherry blossoms for its antioxidant and moisturizing benefits.

Products with Cherry Blossom Scent:

The pleasant sakura scent in shampoos, hand creams and bath salts will keep you in a good mood!

Products in Cherry Blossom Colors:

How about a subtle pink hue on the cheeks, eyes and lips for a harmonized spring makeup?

Products with Cherry Blossom Designs:

Who can resist these romantic designs inspired by one of Japan’s national flowers?

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