Floral Jewelry for Your Consideration

Spring is here, and I can’t help but think about flowers. Blooming flowers signal the arrival of spring, and the best way to welcome the new season is to wear them on your body. Do any of the following floral jewelry appeal to your inner flower goddess?


A pair of earrings accented with soft fabric flowers go well with a chiffon blouse or dress. They’re also light enough to be worn comfortably even if they look voluminous. In addition to floral designs, draw your attention to this gorgeous <>fabric butterfly choker. I set my eyes on the <>earrings long ago, and now comes this fish wire choker. It looks so romantic, and I’m sure it complements floral jewelry perfectly.


Luxury brand Lalique is reputed for its Art Deco style glass art that often comes in fluid lines and a frosted finish. Now think about earrings by Lalique. These are the kind of earrings ideal for wearing in spring to look classy and feminine. When choosing flower accents made of frosted, semi-transparent material like crystal, resin or acrylic, I tend to go for white because it’s the color that looks most elegant when given a frosted finish. The material goes well with anything, from metals and rhinestones to pearls and mother-of-pearls in jewelry designs.


It’s safe to say wirework earrings are the hottest designs right now. The love for plain metal wirework jewelry can be seen in this <> layered five-petal flower motif used for earrings and hair ties.


There’s something about roses that makes them stand out among all other flowers. Their rounded shape and layered petals make them look great from every angle. Look to these rose earrings to go with your floral sundress.


If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, pearls are a close second. Threader earrings and double studs ending with a pearl earring back look timeless and appropriate for any occasion.

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