Awesome Eye Makeup Tips for Spring Season

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Are you makeup-ready for the spring season? We’re talking cute spring eye makeup ideas like lusher brows, curling your lashes and boosting their lift, emphasizing eye shapes and lash lines, and bringing attention to your face. Here are some simple eye makeup tips and products that guarantee to make you bloom!

Brushed Brows

Lush eye brows continue to rule, and boosting your own arches is a must. Brushed eyebrows are the most sought-after look for spring and require only a few products. Use a brow gel like RiRe Luxe Gel Tattoo Eyebrow to give your eyebrows heft and color. Brow tattoos really make their mark, thanks to rich pigments and a unique formulation that leaves your brows tinted for days without smudging. If you prefer a lighter tint, use an eyebrow pencil like Etude House’s New Drawing Eye Brow, which includes a spoolie at one end for one-touch brow perfection!

Quick Tip: Brow tints can easily hide uneven brows, especially if you use a shade close to your own hair. Perfectly groomed eyebrows are best, of course, and you can use brow tints and pencils to emphasize your brow bone. Add a twist to your look by using a brow tint in a shade opposite your natural hair color, such as deep brown for blonde hair, or use a crimson brow gel if you want to highlight the reddish tints in your locks.

Luscious Lashes

If your eyebrows get the royal treatment, so should your lashes. False eyelashes made a fierce comeback last year, rivaling the popularity they gained when British fashion icon Twiggy was in vogue. At Dior’s Spring 2018 show, models rocked the catwalk with thick lashes that added drama. Whether you prefer your own lashes or wish to add some reinforcements, you definitely need a great arsenal of mascaras to make sure your lashes stand up to the occasion. We like the Innisfree Skinny Waterproof Microcara Mascara — it makes applying mascara so easy with its 1.55 mm brush, which reaches inner top lashes and bottom lashes all the way to the lash line.

Quick Tip: Make sure your lashes are always nourished and healthy by using a lash serum like the bestselling Etude House My Lash Serum, which strengthens lashes to prevent damage. By making sure that your own set is strong, curling your lashes will always be easy. If you have oil-prone skin, it’s best to use a waterproof mascara to prevent smudging and running.

Eyeliner So Extra

The right eyeliner can save your face in dire circumstances like an interview, a sudden event, or when you’re just trying to look bright and alive on four hours of sleep. Classic black liner is here to stay because it’s suitable for many eye shapes and eye colors. But if you want to take your eye game two or three steps ahead, there’s nothing like colored eyeliner to rock your look. Ultraviolet is Pantone’s Color of the Year so why not try that? Dare to wear it on your bottom lash line to add an instant pop of color. For something more subtle yet still attention-getting, Innisfree’s Always New Auto Liner comes in as many as 30 shades, and is versatile enough to be used on your lips and cheeks.

Quick Tip: Colored eyeliner always merits a second look. With a classic cat eye, you can create an outline first with black eyeliner and then fill it in with colored eyeliner like turquoise, candy pink or even gold, like the shades of [email protected] Last Auto Gel Eyeliner Wedding Series. Another option is to use it on your bottom lash line as a bold update to the typical aegyo sal (smiling eyes) look.

Eye Shadow Shimmery Splendid

One thing we like each season is that new eye shadow palettes keep poppin’ up! Many eye shadow palettes up their game this season, making it so difficult to choose one, yet oh-so easy to add ALL to your shopping cart. Thanks to the latest makeup advancements, we can take our pick from creamy and matte finishes to shimmery and liquid textures, and in an ever growing range of hues that suit every eye from brown eyes to blue eyes and green eyes. Our favorite pick for liquid eye shadow is the bestselling RiRe Luxe Liquid Shadow which really lives up to its name! The glittery eyeshadow comes in five shades that spell Q-U-E-E-N. Coincidence? We think not. But if a sweet look is more your style, we highly recommend Etude House’s Play Color Eyes Cherry Blossom, a predominantly pink eyeshadow palette combining glitter and matte with a buildable and outstanding finish.

Quick Tip: Yes, you can rock metallic eye shadow in the daytime! Use Rire’s Luxe Liquid Eyeshadow at the inner corners of your eyes instead of all over the eyelids for a subtle highlight, especially if you have deep-set, hooded eyes. For those with brown, blue, green or hazel eyes, the Etude House Play Color Eyes Cherry Blossom has every color you want to highlight those peepers. It has a glittery gold shade as well as a matte chocolate and a shimmery brown — perfect for bringing out brown eyes. Blue eyes look bluer with warm earth tones like pale pearly orange, gold and bronze. For hazel and green eyes, use shades of red like cranberry and sakura pink.

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